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Normani Opens Up About Body Image, Self-Love & Supporting Black Women: ‘My Chocolate Skin Makes Me Beautiful’

Normani may be preparing to release her first album as a solo artist, but the singer and dancer continues to work with the mission of uplifting other women through her art. At 25, the Atlanta native has already been in the business for a decade after appearing on The X Factor in 2012 and being part of the well-known girl group Fifth Harmony. Growing up in the spotlight, she has maintained a positive body image for herself and for the young black women who look up to her. “I constantly remind myself to be kind to myself,” she told Yahoo Life. “Even if you can’t expect the rest of the world to do this, it’s like at the end of the day someone has to, so why don’t you show up? Why don’t you pick yourself up ?” Lately, Normani says she feels “very confident” and attributes that to the women who have surrounded her throughout her life. “It has a lot to do with growing up in a family with women that I really, really looked up to. She’s my grandmother, she’s my mother,” she says. “And then my dad being the first man in my life that I love and always encouraging him that I was beautiful.”

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