Ashley Tisdale opens up about anxiety, depression, parenthood

Ashley Tisdale, who welcomed her first child Jupiter last year, said she suffered from anxiety and depression.  (Photo: Dominik Bindl/Getty Images)

Ashley Tisdale, who welcomed her first child Jupiter last year, said she suffered from anxiety and depression. (Photo: Dominik Bindl/Getty Images)

It took time for Ashley Tisdale to embark on her mental health journey.

the musical high school alum, who is the founder of , opened up to The New York Post about navigating his mental health.

“I grew up acting and singing and doing musicals, but I didn’t know that I suffered from anxiety and sometimes depression,” she explained.

the young and hungry The producer has since managed her wellness with self-care rituals and practicing a non-toxic lifestyle.

“It’s about being good to yourself and starting with self-love,” she explained. “It took me a long time to get to this point and really like myself. Have compassion for myself. Talk to me in a loving way, and I think [others] can do it too. This is the most important thing to living a non-toxic life.

She also shared that her daughter Jupiter, whom she welcomed with husband Christopher French last year, has brought her a lot of joy.

“There are so many ways she changed my life,” Tisdale said. “She’s so much fun and gives me purpose.”

Tisdale has previously opened up about his mental health issues. In a post, she explained, “A few years ago I was dealing with my anxiety and depression and recorded an album based on my issues. [Symptoms]. I felt like no one was talking about [depression] at the time, but I had lost someone to depression and I felt like it was super important to start [the conversation]. People Openly Talk About Anxiety, But There’s A Stigma Around That Word [depression]; I think they go together. … My mission has been to be open about my struggle and what has helped me. Growing up in the public eye, I’ve always set limits, but I really like [speak up on] my mental health journey.

Tisdale also opened up about how difficult it can be to take the first steps in her mental health journey. In , she wrote that “anxiety and depression can really feel like a trap.”

“There’s a misconception that you can’t help people who don’t want to be helped, and I don’t like that approach at all,” she continued. “What if someone is so lost they don’t even know where to start? Or what if they just don’t have the energy to embark on this self-help journey? It is not fair to think that people do not want to get better, especially when we are not able to understand each other’s situation and difficulties. Yes, it takes work, but sometimes you need a clearer path on how to even start doing the work. Getting rid of these deteriorating feelings and reclaiming your power doesn’t happen overnight. Believe me, if you ask for a helping hand, you may find yourself thinking, why didn’t i do it sooner?”

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