Batman & 007 Casting Backlash Is a Disease, Says 50 Shades of Gray Star

50 Shades of Gray star Jamie Dornan is going on the offensive against the constant casting backlash that occurs for the roles of Batman and James Bond.

50 shades of gray Star Jamie Dornan has taken a stand against bias in casting decisions in Hollywood, calling it a disease because of the vitriol it creates. More recently, Dornan could be seen in much-loved corners in both Barb and Star go to Vista Del Mar as well as Belfast. His most recent project is The touristwhich debuted earlier this year on HBO Max.

Dornan has been acting in Hollywood since the mid-2000s. His first role was in 2006 Marie Antoinetteafter which he appeared in nine episodes of Once upon a time. From there, he entered into full-fledged franchise territory by taking on the coveted role of Christian Gray in the 50 shades of gray series. Although not very well received by critics, the franchise was a success, and this performance has since made him a frequent selection of fans to potentially take on the role of James Bond once the character is up again. recast.


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One of the fascinating things about Dornan’s career is the fact that he burst into Hollywood around the same time actors like Robert Pattinson and Daniel Craig rose to prominence. In a recent interview with Squire, Dornan addressed the judgment the two actors received after their casting as Batman and James Bond, respectively, and called it a “sickness.” Dorman said:

Prejudice is such a terrible disease. It is a disease throughout our culture. In my job, of course. But in general, people prejudge people based on anything really, and that’s very sad. Watch the reaction when Rob was cast as Batman. It was like 90% negative. Daniel Craig was cast for James Bond – I mean it was 100% negative. It was despicable what was written. It was actually disturbing to see the venomous fucking anger people have about casting decisions. And then guess what? Daniel Craig is fucking brilliant, and that changes all of Bond’s energy. All naysayers love what Rob did with Batman.

Split image of Batman in The Batman and James Bond in No Time To Die 2

Daniel Craig and Robert Pattinson faced some tough battles with audiences when they were cast in their respective roles. Before the start of Royal Casino, Craig has been criticized for his blonde hair and considerably gruffer demeanor than previous Bond actors before him. Meanwhile, Pattinson has also had to deal with online vitriol and Dusk jokes before it is revealed in The Batman. Both actors have since received plenty of praise for their respective performances, and Dornan seems to think this issue is indicative of something much larger that permeates our culture.

Of course, on the issue of bias, Dornan arguably makes a very good point. Casting backlash was there as early as Michael Keaton’s casting as Batman, and it’s often proven wrong when the actor finally makes his debut in his respective IP role. Perhaps the best example of this is Heath Ledger and his role as the Joker in The black Knight, which ultimately won him a posthumous Oscar. At this time, there’s no way to know if Dornan will wade through James Bond waters and take on the role of 007, but fans now know what he thinks of any possible backlash if he does.

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Source: Esquire

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