Bold and beautiful: John McCook explains where Eric Forrester has been, not in the hospital with Steffy

The hospital scenes missed a family member or two.

Love glory and beauty viewers have been glued to their TV screens since Finn’s fatal shooting. And since Steffy was also shot, we wait with you for the big reveal – that she identifies Sheila as the shooter.

We saw Ridge by her side, pleading for her baby girl to pull through… Taylor too, though she took a short break to talk to Sheila from the edge of the hospital roof, which landed her on the same edge and almost to her death. Thomas was around, determined to find out who did this to his sister and her husband, as did Liam and Hope… Heck, even Brooke showed up, as did Zende and Paris, and Sheila was a fixture in the Steffy’s room…

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But where did Eric go? You would think her grandfather would have been there all along with his family, waiting for news of his granddaughter. A fan, BigBoss, discovered the missing Forrester and wanted to know the same and said, “Steffy catches a bullet, lying in the hospital and Eric, the Forrester patriarch, is nowhere to be found. Interesting…”

Eric, Steffy B&B

And Eric’s portrayer, John McCook, was quick to explain why his character was MIA. “They just didn’t write it,” he shared and then teased, “Soon though…”

Now that Steffy has woken up, everyone wants to know what she remembers – and we can’t wait to see it all unfold. If you want to know what awaits you next week, take a look at the Bold and beautiful spoilers.

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