Brett Goldstein teaches the F-Word on “Sesame Street”

Roy Kent (Brett Goldstein) and Tamir.
Photo: Sesame Workshop

Brett Goldstein is on the next season of sesame street. Good kind of. Brett Goldstein, a tried-and-true Muppy (the nickname I coined for Muppet fans), has to go on set, but Grover doesn’t appear, like, on Goldstein’s surprisingly sweet movie podcast. Roy Kent is in the music video for the next season of sesame street, originally shared on Weekly entertainment. Recreating his dynamic with his niece Phoebe on Ted Lasso, Kent makes cookies with Tamir. And in sesame street mode, the fun activity is actually a spooky trick to teach unsuspecting toddlers a word at home.

What word?

Glad you asked. “Today’s word begins with the letter F», informs us Tamir. No, it’s not “damn”. Obviously it wasn’t going to be “fuck,” but apparently the comedic tension of the whole scene is built on the parent or babysitter at home thinking, I bet Roy Kent really wishes he could say “damn” right now. What is the child thinking at the moment? Damn, if I know.

So if that’s not that F-word, Godot kind of scene, what F-word is?

If you’re like me (a Leo-Cancer cusp), you probably thought “friend.” It is a beautiful Sesame Street –y mot, good for a two hands, like this scene. In an apparent attempt to play at the peak of their audience’s intelligence, “friend” isn’t exactly worthy of the word of the day, as most of their audience has already figured it out. “Food” is another good guess. Roy wears an apron, a garment commonly worn during the production of the above. And there is food in the scene (cookies). And there is a third time role of a sesame street staple food named after his favorite food (Cookie Monster). Alas, it’s not “food”, probably for the same reason as “friend”. I don’t have kids, but I’m pretty sure by the time they watch sesame streetthey have already eaten food.

THIS IS NOT “FOOTBALL”. sesame street is in America and, last time I checked, “soccer” doesn’t start without dang F. Football? Well, that’s not it either. Let’s knock out some comrades F‘s. It’s not “fart”. Wouldn’t that be the rule, if that were the case? Roy Kent teaches 8-year-olds about farting. Any guesses yet? No it is not fraser. It’s not “finger” or “fingers” or “fist”. It’s not “fire” or “firefighter”. This is not “fiction” or “friction”. It’s not “forest” or “Forrest (Gump)”. No, not “friend”, we already talked about it. Put your answers in the comments below. And don’t forget to like and subscribe. Word of the day is…

Wow. I never would have guessed that. [Looks down the barrel of the camera] do you have

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