Jeff Bezos spends Easter in Portugal

Amazon founder Jeff Bezos, accompanied by his girlfriend Lauren Sánchez, went on vacation to Portugal. On Instagram, journalist Lauren Sánchez shared some photos of the couple in the Lisbon area. In images posted to Instagram, Laura Sanchez wrote that the couple were having fun and “discovering new waters” in Portugal, as she confirmed when asked … Read more

San Francisco tech startup implements 4-day work week, says business is better than ever

Find out what clicks on Since implementing a four-day workweek last summer, San Francisco-based HR tech startup Emtrain has been performing better than ever. Emtrain President Odessa Jenkins told FOX Business that since implementing a pilot project for a shortened workweek in July 2021, the company has exceeded its business plans throughout the year. … Read more

Russia’s Putin Says Western Sanctions Have Failed | Russo-Ukrainian War

Russian President Vladimir Putin said the barrage of Western sanctions imposed on Russia for its invasion of neighboring Ukraine had failed. Putin said on Monday that the West “expects a rapid upheaval in the economic and financial situation, causing panic in the markets, the collapse of the banking system and shortages in shops.” He added … Read more

German bosses and unions together oppose boycott of Russian gas

BERLIN (AP) — German employers and unions have united to oppose an immediate European Union ban on natural gas imports from Russia following its invasion of Ukraine, saying such The move would lead to factory closures and the loss of jobs in the bloc’s biggest economy. “A rapid gas embargo would lead to production losses, … Read more

World Bank plans $170 billion in financing to mitigate ‘multiple crises’ | Mondial economy

The World Bank is preparing a $170 billion financial aid package in response to the overlapping global crises of war, pandemic and inflation that are hitting the poorest countries particularly hard, its president said. David Malpass warned that Russia’s invasion of Ukraine had added to the pressures caused by the Covid-19 crisis and the soaring … Read more

Oil rises 2% as Libya outages add to Russia supply fears

Adding to supply pressures from sanctions on Russia, Libya’s National Oil Corp said on Monday that “a painful wave of shutdowns” had begun to hit its facilities and declared a force majeure event at the oilfield of Libya. Al-Sharara and other sites. “With global supplies now so tight, even the most minor disruption is likely … Read more

Britain could fall into recession this summer, experts say | Cost of living crisis

Britain’s economy is increasingly at risk of sliding into a summer recession amid the biggest squeeze on household incomes since the mid-1950s, as soaring inflation reduces consumers’ purchasing power, said the forecasters. Economists have said the double whammy of slowing post-lockdown growth and rising living costs following Russia’s invasion of Ukraine could lead to a … Read more

Western exodus could cost Moscow 200,000 jobs, mayor says

The city’s mayor, Sergey Sobianine, said in a blog post on Monday that 200,000 people were at risk of losing their jobs. Authorities were setting aside 3.36 billion rubles ($41 million) to support them, he added. Dozens of Western companies left Russia or suspended operations in the country after President Vladimir Putin ordered the invasion … Read more