Country star Zac Brown looks caught in shirtless Instagram photo

Country star Zac Brown just showed off his tattoos and muscular biceps on Instagram in a shirtless photo taken on a recent spearfishing trip, proving he puts so much effort into his physical form than in his music.

In an interview with QG Last year, frontman Zac Brown Band revealed how he now leads a healthier and more balanced lifestyle, after receiving enlightening advice from none other than rock ‘n’ roll legend Bruce Springsteen: sweat while one hour every day.

“I have a gym set up here at home,” he said. “I try to exercise. I have a cold dip. I try to get into the infrared sauna. I do a lot of self-care these days to try and feel as good as possible. I I live in the countryside and I am able to go out and be outdoors a bit.

Brown also revealed that when he goes on tour, he takes a fully equipped gym with him on the road. “There’s a full trailer that’s just a gym,” he said. “It’s got its own power. It’s got its own AC. I’ve got the assault bike, which murders you – that stuff is so brutal. We’ve got a heavy bag, a speed bag, we’ve got a place to s’ front stretch We have a full cable machine and we have a full set of free weights, dumbbells, kettlebells, bands – we have it all I started going out the gym a while back about five years, and it’s an investment in this proactive medicine: the healthier my crew and my group are, the longer we can do this.”

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