Days of Our Lives preview: Will Xander & Gwen or Craig & Leo break up in a double marriage?

The truth will set you free – or ruin your life!

Well, days of our lives‘ Xander and Craig agreed to go along with the double wedding – even if it was a bit tricky and going a bit! Gwen practically bulldozed any hesitation her beau might have had – even when he found out he shared his marriage with Leo and not “Matty Cooper!”

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As for Leo, he happily forges ahead with his plans, oblivious to the fact that Sonny and Chad are furiously stalking Jackie Cox to dig up the dirt they need on him. (The prenup he served with, however, left him less happy!)

And as a bonus, Gabi managed to do what Rafe never could and sent Ava to the slammer – which led to her calling Abigail with some juicy information!

The show’s spoilers for next week indicate that the double ceremonies will begin on Wednesday, April 20 – but they might not go very far! According to the latest issue of Soap Opera DigestFriday’s jumble of plots, counter-plots and dirt digs will come to a head just in time for the wedding!

By the time the nuptials rolls around, Abigail has gotten confirmation that Gwen was responsible for knocking her out, and Chad and Sonny have dug up all the dirt they need on Leo. Worse yet, Ava has no intention of going down, so she signs an immunity deal to turn on Gwen!

That’s all Abigail needs to expose her stepsister at her wedding for all her crimes – and that includes what she did to Sarah! If anything puts a damper on the day, it has to be the kick.

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As we noted earlier, it is not necessarily the end of Alex and Gwen. As Paul Telfer explained, her character thinks pretty much everyone is horrible and even the meanest acts are completely normal… But if Gwen hadn’t told Ava about what she did to Sarah , she would have a much better idea. chance to keep her man.

And, according to Emily O’Brien, Gwen knows it.

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We’re pretty sure the look on Alex’s face says everything we need to know about how these weddings will turn out!

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“It’s just desperation,” she said Digest of her character’s reaction to Abby’s revelations. “But the more Abigail reveals what she knows, the more Gwen starts to panic. There is a change, and Gwen realizes there is no way out.

Smash Abigail over the head and send her to an island? Hey, she’s lucky she wasn’t dead. But knowing that Gwen is the real reason Sarah’s condition has worsened? This is likely to enrage Alex. Whether he ends up making it out or not, this marriage seems to be dead in the water! (And if Gwen isn’t careful, she might be too!)

As for Leo, well, he’s off to a good start signing Craig’s prenup, but it’s hard to imagine him coming back from what Chad reveals at the big event.

“Everyone is here,” Kevin Spirtas announced to Digest, “his daughter, his ex-wife. Craig feels betrayed by Leo. Besides his humiliation, he feels absolutely embarrassed. He was blinded by love.

Being lied to is one thing. Craig himself should know something about it. He and Leo both have intriguing pasts, but humiliation and embarrassment are two powerful, horrible emotions. And when someone you love provokes them, they sting so much more.

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Both men opened up about their dark pasts, but their present and future seemed so much brighter. At least that’s what Craig thought. Spirtas has only one question: “Is this the straw that broke the camel’s back?”

Only time will tell nothing of these people are true angels, but Leo and Gwen may have tipped the scales a little too much against them!

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