Ellen DeGeneres accused of abusing Kim Kardashian too much

Anyone who watches “The Ellen DeGeneres Show” knows what a prankster DeGeneres is. She jokes around and plays many practical jokes about celebrities.

However, some of his pranks may go too far. Kim Kardashian was recently the victim of one of DeGeneres’ pranks.

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In an interview, DeGeneres scared Kardashian with a spider. However, it didn’t end well as Kardashian has a phobia of spiders.

Kim Kardashian walked off set after Ellen DeGeneres prank.

DeGeneres and Kardashian reminisced about other times Kardashian had been on the show.

Kardashian then brought up the time DeGeneres pranked Kris Jenner. The two then watched the video of Jenner being hurt by DeGeneres’ prank. Kardashian, then revealed that Jenner had knee surgery at the time.

Before the show could move forward, Kardashian forbade DeGeneres from pranking her because she could see where the conversation was heading.

However, DeGeneres then mentioned that she wanted to help Kardashian overcome one of her fears, which is spiders.

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