Everything you need to remember before watching Barry Season 3

Monroe Fuches (Stephen Roots) begins the series as a manager, organizing the business side of Barry’s murders. His relationship with Barry is strained from the moment Barry decides he wants to continue acting, and throughout Season 1, Fuches serves as the devil on Barry’s shoulder, doing his best to bring Barry back into his unsatisfactory job of professional hitman. As Barry begins to learn about acting and develop meaningful relationships with fellow aspiring actress Sally (Sarah Goldberg) and acting coach Cousineau (Henry Winkler), Fuches grows frustrated with his growing inability to control it. The only attempt we see from Fuches to make a living as the handler of another assassin goes horribly.

It’s in the second half of Season 2 that Fuches’ resentment of Barry’s abandonment of him comes to a head. When Barry inadvertently makes it clear how much Cousineau means to him, Fuches decides to frame Cousineau for the murder of his late girlfriend Janice Moss (Paula Newsome). Although this plan fell through, Fuches managed to deliver a devastating blow to his former protege: he told Cousineau that Barry was the one who had murdered the love of his life.

The Season 2 finale ends with Fuches receiving a much-needed reminder that this extremely talented assassin whose life he tried to ruin is, you know, an extremely talented assassin. An enraged Barry begins to stalk Fuches and, upon finding him with the Chechen Mafia, embarks on a murderous rampage from which Fuches barely manages to escape. While anything is possible when it comes to her relationship with Barry, it’s hard to imagine how Fuches will destroy that bridge.

On the bright side, after backing out of his original plan to shoot Cousineau in the head, Fuches realizes he doesn’t have it in him to kill a person himself. Maybe that means he’ll finally realize the full extent of what he’s made Barry do all these years and sincerely try to be a better person? Probably not, but we can hope.

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