‘Forbidden Beat’ punk drum book features interviews and demos with dozens of punk greats

Author, editor and drummer SW Lauden releases a new book Forbidden Beat: perspective on punk drums, earlier this year. The collection looks back over six decades of drummers in the genre; Lauden said The believer“There’s not a lot of writing on punk drumming…So I felt like there was an empty lane to explore something that hadn’t been explored, specifically in that way. “

“Initially, I toyed with this sprawling, impeccably researched 400-page opus,” Lauden continued. The believer. “But I’ve realized that I’m more interested as a reader in other people’s views on this subject which is always in flux. To my ears, punk rock drummers have more room than in other other forms of heavy music that preceded them. So they can be heard more and they’re allowed to take more risks because it’s a style of music that’s not as technically rigid in many ways, even though it’s have become that way in recent years. especially stand out in the music and really are that beating heart of energy that propels this genre forward. I wanted there to be multiple perspectives on punk rock behind the kit , therefore, to say.

The book features personal essays, interviews and lists of people like lucky teacher (Circle Jerks, Bad Religion, etc.), who wrote the preface; mike watton George Hurley (Minutemen, Firehose); DH danger (Dead Kennedys), sharing an excerpt from his memoir Dreadnauaght; Cape Joey (Lagwagon), on Derrick Plourde; Ira Elliot (Nada Surf), on proto punk and garage rock; Bon Von Wheelieon Girl Trouble; joey fuck(DOA) on Chuck Cookies; Lynn Perko-Truell, (Imperial Teen) on wrecks and dicks; and Urian Hackney (The Armed, Rough Francis), about Rough Francis and his father/uncle Death’s band. Other contributors include Pete Finestone (bad religion), Very cool (Green Day), rat scabies (The Damned), Lori Barbero (Babies in Toyland), Jon Wuerster (Superchunk, Mountain Goats, Bob Mould), Mindy Abovitz (TomTom Magazine founder), steven mcdonald (Redd Kross, OFF!), Benny Horowitz (The Gaslight Anthem), and more.

“I knew exactly what I wanted to do in life,” Tré Cool says in the book (via Louder Than War). “There was never a ‘Cover your bases. Learn a trade.’ Shit. Just play drums. I didn’t even graduate from high school. I was like, ‘I don’t play drums enough right now because I’m wasting time in school.’

You can read Joey Cape’s excerpt writing about his late Lagwagon/Bad Astronaut teammate Derrick Plourde at Santa Barbara Independent and Lynn Perko-Truell’s essay at The big takeover.

Order a copy of Forbidden Beat: perspective on punk drums HERE, and see the cover art below.

List of contributors (Going through)
Preface by Lucky Lehrer
Introduction by SW Lauden
Ira Elliot on Proto Punk & Garage Rock
Curt Weiss on Jerry Nolan
John Robb on British Punk
TOP 5: Hudley Flipside
Bon Von Wheelie on Girl Trouble
INTERVIEW: Joey Shithead on Chuck Biscuits
Matt Diehl on D Beat
DH Peligro on Dead Kennedys (from Dreadnaught)
INTERVIEW: Mike Watt on George Hurley
Lynn Perko-Truell on Wrecks and Dicks (SF)
Laura Bethita Neptuna as Gina Schock
TOP 5: Pete Finestone
INTERVIEW: Jan Radder on Grant Hart
Jim Ruland on Bill Stevenson
Eric Beetner on DC Hardcore & Post Punk
TOP 5: Jon Wurster
INTERVIEW: Lori Barbero from Babes in Toyland
Joey Cape on Derrick Plourde
TOP 5: Marko DeSantis
INTERVIEW: Tre Cool from Green Day
Mindy Abovitz on Riot grrrl and Tom Tom Magazine
INTERVIEW: Steven McDonald of Redd Kross
Kye Smith on self-taught punk drums
Ian Winwood on Brooks Wackerman
INTERVIEW: Phanie Diaz de Fea
Benny Horowitz of the Gaslight Anthem
TOP 5: Shari Page
Urian Hackney on Gross Francis and Death
INTERVIEW: Rat mange of the damned

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