Fredo Bang has weighed in on the longstanding debate among Drake fans over whether his 2011 album Take care or his 2016 album Views is superior. the most hated the rapper shared his thoughts on Drake’s best albums during an interview with On the radar for Power 105.1, earlier this week.

“So if we’re judging it, we’re just judging it on the music,” Fredo said. “Which means bars, cadence, melody, production, that’s what we judge him on. Now, Take care don’t get me wrong, there were a lot of his greatest hits on stuff like that, but can you name each song for me?

Fredo Bang, Drake
Paras Griffin/Getty Images

Gabe P, host of On the radarargued that he could name every song on Take careBut no Views.

“Ah man, come on man,” Fredo remarked. “Views he got the ‘Controlla’, he has these different energies, he has many more different energies. Take care he had songs that i never even played. You don’t play all the songs Take care… I have the impression that it is Views I’m sorry.”

As for Drake himself, he told Elliot Wilson and B. Dot in 2019 that Nothing was the same is his best project.

“It’s also my favorite album… As time goes by, a lot of people come up to me and say ‘you know what? I love Nothing was the same better than Take care“, Drake said at the time. “The reason why Nothing was the same is my favorite album because it was probably my most concise album, and in this concise offering there was a lot of great shit.

Check out Fredo’s interview with On the radar below.