General Hospital Casts Vanessa, Cameron Mathison’s Wife, Alongside Drew, as Executive Coach Mia

General Hospital introduces Cameron Mathison’s wife as a character who will have a profound effect on Drew’s life

Next week, fans will be able to see Cameron Mathison (Drew) in scenes with his real wife. In its latest issue, Soap Opera Digest reports that Vanessa Mathison will appear in Port Charles on Wednesday, April 20, as an executive coach named Mia who meets Drew.

This is not the first time she has been seen on television with her husband. From 2018 to 2020, she appeared a few times on Home & Family, the Hallmark lifestyle show that Mathison used to co-host with Debbie Matenopoulos. And in 2015, Vanessa appeared as herself in the mini-reality series Cameron House Rulesa spin-off of House games.

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Now that Drew has been back in Port Charles for some time, he’s made it clear that he wants nothing more than to get his life back, as well as re-establish the relationships he left behind, and it looks like the character of his wife, Mia, goes to help him do it.

So what is an executive coach? He is someone who is trained to help a person optimize their leadership performance by helping them learn to manage stress and feel overwhelmed.

We can bet Drew’s friends will be supportive too, if he lets them know the help he’s looking for, and know that Carly, who recently bonded with Drew, will be there for him through it all.

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Speaking of Carly… would you like to see her friendship with Drew grow into something more? Or would you like to see him and Sam rekindle their passion?

Either way, we’re here for it all!

And since it’s Friday, why not join us in a soap opera, a game that makes you want to gasp every time you hear some of your favorite characters repeat the same lines over and over again!

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