General Hospital: Who is Eden McCoy in a relationship with? Boyfriend Jose San Martin

Could they be a cuter couple? Don’t bother answering that; it was a rhetorical question, and anyone with eyes knows that.

A picture is worth a thousand words, or so the saying goes. But only one is enough to describe the first of the photos that general hospital ingenue Eden McCoy shared via Instagram over the weekend: Awww.

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In the image, the bunny-eared soap star is pretty sitting in José San Martín’s lap, his arms around her as if they were made to fit. “No greater love,” she captioned the sweet snap, adding, “Happy Birthday.”

In the following shots, the gorgeous couple steal a kiss, and San Martín stands against a city skyline as if daring us to notice that the angles of the buildings behind him aren’t as impressive as his cheekbones. (And really, they’re not nearly as impressive as her cheekbones; good try, though, skyscrapers.)

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In response, McCoy’s general hospital Teammate Nicholas Alexander Chavez (Spencer) wrote that the message was “so sweet…Happy for you, Eden!” Others called the duo “the cutest,” “amazing,” and “puppy and kitten,” which, if it makes sense, we’ll admit slipped our minds.

It’s a rabbit, ears and all, for Pete’s sake!

Check out more photos from general hospital stars and their loved ones in the photo gallery below before reading another article.

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