GH Alum Ashton Arbab joins the cast of Fear the Walking Dead!

Port Charles can be a dangerous place, but it’s nothing compared to a world besieged by a zombie apocalypse! GENERAL HOSPITAL alum Ashton Arbab (ex-dev) will find himself in a mortal new world when he joins the cast of FEAR THE WALKING DEAD for the second half of its seventh season, which premieres Sunday the 24th April on AMC. “So excited to share!” he tweeted when the news broke. “I am so proud of this work. I hope you will watch or record.

The mid-season finale of FEAR THE WALKING DEAD ended with Alicia and Victor fighting for The Tower, a refuge from the fallout after the nuclear missile explosion. Arbab will play Ali, a young Ranger in training who meets Charlie upon arriving at the Tower. Her character was mentioned earlier in season seven when Strand and Howard attempted to reach Ali at the armory.

Ashton Arbab fears the walking dead
Ashton enters a dangerous new world as Ali on FTWD!Lauren “Lo” Smith/AMC

Arbab joined the cast of GH as Dev Cerci in June 2019 when the teenage pickpocket helped lead Sonny to the people who were holding Dante captive. He then traveled to Port Charles in June, breaking into Dante and Lulu’s house! Sonny vouched for the child and even forged papers to give him a new identity as Corbin’s distant cousin so he wouldn’t be deported.

Dev found himself part of Port Charles’ teenage scene, crushing Josslyn and trying to break her and Cameron down. Things got complicated when Brando, his fake dad, turned out to be alive and showed up in town, but Dev’s storyline came to an abrupt end in November 2020 when he was killed in an explosion at the Floating. Rib.

Arbab tweeted that “my episode airs Sunday April 24th,” and his IMDb page only lists that show, titled “Mourning Cloak,” which would seem to indicate that his new TV alter ego may also meet a horrific fate. But you’ll just have to watch and see if he lives long enough to be in the rest of the season!

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