Gotham Knights Set Leaks Reveals Batman’s Funeral

Gotham Knights is set after Batman’s murder, and new on-set leaks confirm that detail while also revealing a funeral for the hero.

Tomb of deceased Batman

Set pictures from The CW Gotham Knights series pilot reveals first glimpse of Batman’s funeral.

posted on Twitter is a headstone of Bruce Wayne in Hamilton Cemetery, which reads: “He lived in the shadows. Now he lives in our hearts.” An early synopsis for the series revealed it would take place after Batman’s murder, and new set photos confirm that a service for the fallen hero will take place in the series pilot. Filming is currently underway on the pilot, though many details regarding the planned show remain under wraps.

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Part of the synopsis for the series is that it will focus on Batman’s “rebellious adopted son” who “forges an unlikely alliance with the children of Batman’s enemies as they are all framed for killing the Caped Crusader” . Although he resembles Robins like Jason Todd and Damian Wayne, it’s unclear exactly who this protagonist will be. Although a report claims the series will focus on Nightwing, the series is expected to introduce a new adopted son for Bruce Wayne, named “Turner Hayes” and played by actor Oscar Morgan.

It’s hard to pinpoint who exactly is in the black-and-white photo from Batman’s funeral, but many of the Dark Knight’s allies have been cast for the show. This list includes Fallon Smythe as Harper Row/Blue Bird, Navia Robinson as Carrie Kelley, and Anna Lore as Stephanie Brown/Spoiler. Fan-favorite Bat-family members like Nightwing, Red Robin, Alfred Pennyworth and more have yet to be cast or confirmed for the series, but Olivia Rose Keegan will play Duela Dent/The Joker’s Daughter, a character who danced the line between good and evil in DC Comics.

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However, a prominent Batman villain will be involved in the series, except that he will not yet be a criminal. Supernatural Alum Misha Collins was cast as Harvey Dent, the Gotham City District Attorney who eventually becomes the villainous Two-Face. Collins recently confirmed that he has started filming for the series by posting obscure photos online for troll fans.

Although the show is filming its pilot, it has not been greenlit for a full series order at the time of writing. Not every CW superhero show has come to fruition in the past, as it did with Green Arrow and the Canarieswho was to come out of Arrow Season 8. As for Gotham Knights however, it’s unclear if the show is intended to be a standalone story or if it will be another part of the Arrowverse, especially since the story would then share the same Gotham City seen in batman.

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