Hit Songs Artists Now Regret

Paramore“Misery enterprise”

Hayley Williams officially called off one of the band’s biggest gigs of 2018 following online discussion of some of the track’s “anti-feminist” lyricism, particularly the line “Once a bitch, you’re nothing, I’m sorry that’ll never change.”

“It’s a choice we made because we feel we should. We think it’s time to step away from it a bit,” she said.

James Blunt“You are beautiful”

The English singer-songwriter revealed his massively popular 2005 song annoyed him after it became so saturated. “[It] was force-fed down people’s throats, and it got boring, and then people started associating the artist with the same word,” he explained to Good morning! of the track’s over-popularity, adding that it misrepresents him as an “incredibly serious person”.

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