How Leo DiCaprio reacted to the Oscars love life joke

Amy Schumer reveals Leonardo DiCaprio's reaction to his 2022 Oscars joke about his love life

Amy Schumer and Leonardo DiCaprio. Shutter (2)

He’s going to need ice for that burn! Amy Schumer revealed Leonardo DiCaprioto his reaction to the 2022 Oscars at his expense — and fans everywhere will thank him for his response.

“He said, ‘Go ahead.’ They didn’t care,” said the co-host of the 64th Annual Academy Awards, 40. howard stern Wednesday, April 13 from Titanic the star’s endorsement of the joke before the show (which she deciphered during her opening monologue at the March 27 ceremony).

“And his girlfriend, Cami, is the shit”, the Life and Beth added actress from DiCaprio’s partner, Camille Morrone, 24, who has been dating the actor since 2017. “She’s actually the coolest female dog you’ll ever meet.”

While Schumer’s joke about the Oscar-winning actor, 47, was far from the biggest moment of the evening – Will Smith slaps Chris Rock always makes headlines – the joke made the audience laugh.

“He’s done so much to fight climate change and leave behind a cleaner, greener planet…for his girlfriends,” said the Inside Amy Schumer alum said of DiCaprio. “Because he’s older and they’re younger. Alright, you got it.

Amy Schumer reveals Leonardo DiCaprio's reaction to his 2022 Oscars joke about his love life

Host Amy Schumer appears onstage during the 94th Academy Awards in Los Angeles on March 27, 2022. Chris Pizzello/AP/Shutterstock

Despite the What eats Gilbert Raisin The star’s seal of approval, Schumer came under fire after social media users claimed she stole the joke via a December 2021 tweet – which she denied.

“I’m pretty funny, I don’t need to steal stuff,” the Rail accident the actress said Andy Cohen on Watch what’s happening live April 6.

“I would like to say that I personally haven’t been on Twitter. I asked my assistant to do it,” she added. “And also, this joke was written by Suli McCullough. But I still thank you guys for making sure I don’t start stealing.

DiCaprio’s age gap relationships have long been the punchline of award show jokes.

“[DiCaprio’s movie] Once upon a time in Hollywood lasts nearly three hours,” host of the 2020 Golden Globes Ricky Gervais said during the ceremony. “Leonardo DiCaprio attended the premiere, and in the end, his date was too old for him.”

the Catch Me If You Can the actor has dated many younger women over the years, including Gisele Bundchen (six years his junior), Refeli Bar (11 years her junior) and Blake Lively (13 years his junior).

In 2019, Morrone discussed criticism of her relationship with DiCaprio.

“There are so many relationships in Hollywood — and in the history of the world — where people have big age gaps,” she told the Los Angeles Times at the time. “I just think anyone should be able to date whoever they want to date.”

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