‘Hyperinflation depression is here’ as Wile E. Coyote moment ‘comes’, warns R. Kiyosaki

As the conflict in Ukraine continues to exacerbate the prospect of runaway inflation, which is already out of control and affecting the prices of oil, energy, food and everything else, investors seek cover in such a downturn to protect their investments and assets.

Author of the personal finance book ‘rich dad, poor dad‘Robert Kiyosaki, describe on Twitter on April 16 the implications of hyperinflation and the impending depression it would produce on the US economy in addition to what he recommends investing in to help weather the storm.

Kiyosaki has been warning of a “crash and depression” accompanied by the dangers of inflation for some time now, predicting runaway inflation to accelerate as a bubble rises, including in the stock market due of the Federal Reserve’s continued printing of money into the economy.

“The WIley COYOTE moment is coming. The biggest bubble bust to come. Baby boomer retreats to fly. End $10 trillion in counterfeit currency spending. The government, Wall Street and the Fed are thieves. Hyper-inflation Depression here. Buy Gold, Silver, Bitcoin before the coyote wakes up.

Draw an analogy between the bubble economy and the Wile E. Coyote moment – ​​the moment when the cartoon character, who has run off a cliff, looks down and realizes he is standing in the air – and dives.

Kiyosaki’s Inflation Hedge

Notably, this isn’t the first time the multi-millionaire businessman has recommended people invest in commodities such as gold, silver and bitcoin in order to hedge against inflation since the US currency is “on the verge of imploding”.

Indeed, as the United States and other countries around the world experience record levels of inflation not seen in decades, financial experts are considering what measures they could put in place to hedge against inflation.

The investor, along with Trends Research Institute founder and director Gerald Celente, previously discussed which trends to watch in 2022.

“Gold, silver and bitcoin. They’re going to go down when interest rates go up, but the economy is also going to go down, so they’re going to go down temporarily, and then they’re going to go up very quickly as people realize at how bad it is,” Celente mentioned.

Meanwhile, the author of “Rich Dad, Poor Dad” is also interested in cryptocurrencies such as Ethereum and Solana.

Kiyosaki fears inflation will wipe out 50% of the US population

It should be mentioned that Kiyosaki warned that rising inflation would “wipe out 50% of the American population.”

“40% of Americans don’t have $1,000. So when inflation rises, we will eliminate 50% of the American population. <..> 40% of Americans have nothing, inflation will piss them off; a stock market crash will bring baby boomers down, so we have serious, serious problems.

Finally, with the impacts of the economy playing out on ordinary people in various ways, Mr. Kiyosaki believes the parallels between what he predicted in his book The Capitalist Manifesto and what is currently happening under the current administration are becoming more and more apparent.

Given the falling tide of inflation and the low level of the stock market, Finbold has identified the top 3 financial stocks to protect your portfolio against inflation compared to current markets.

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