Invincible’s Steven Yeun Begins Recording Season 2

Steven Yeun, who plays Mark Grayson in Prime Video’s Invincible, is back in the recording studio preparing for season 2 of the animated series.

Prime Video makes the buzz on the second season of Invincible featuring a video of lead voice actor Steven Yeun beginning to record his new lines.

The clip, shared on Prime Video’s official Instagram, shows Yeun in the studio putting on his headphones and saying, “I can’t wait to do more…” It’s cut off by the title card with the Invincible logo (with a small splatter of blood) invading the screen and the resounding theme music, similar to how it suddenly appears and plays after each episode of the anime series is cold-opened.

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When the camera comes back to him, Yeun offers some suggestions on how to complete the promo. “Stop me there,” he says, then changes his mind and says leave what he’s saying for now. At the end of the video, Yeun asked to be cut several times in a row, not knowing that the title card had already been shown and the promo was over. The Instagram post’s caption completes the joke with “Wait a minute…it’s *THE INVINCIBLE BLARES TITLE THEME ON THE SPEAKERS*”

Yeun, widely known for his role as Glenn in The Walking Deadplays the main role in Invincible, lending his voice to teenage Mark Grayson who inherits an impressive set of superpowers from his father and becomes a hero under the codename Invincible. As Mark tries to balance his new responsibilities with high school, friends, and romance, he begins to see that his father, known to the world as Omni-Man, the Greatest Superhero of all, n is not what it seems.

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Invincible is based on the comic book of the same name, written by Robert Kirkman, who is executive producer of the series. Along with Yeun as Mark and JK Simmons as Omni-Man, the voice cast includes Sandra Oh, Seth Rogen, Mark Hamill, Zachary Quinto, Jason Mantzoukas, and more. The anime series, which targets adult audiences with frequent instances of violence, debuted in March 2021 with a critically and commercially successful first season.

Invincible Season 1 is now streaming on Amazon Prime Video. The series has already been greenlit for two more seasons, but a release window for Season 2 has yet to be announced.

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