Jensen Ackles teases ‘unexpected’ twists

Jared Padalecki and Jensen Ackles as Sam and Dean Winchester in Supernatural.

Picture: The CW

Not so long ago Supernatural ended its ridiculously long tenure on the CW, and it didn’t take long for the network to green light for a prequel focused on Sam and Dean’s monster-hunting parents. The Winchesters intends to travel back in time and focus on the tumultuous lives of John and Mary saving people, hunting things, and eventually raising a family. But according to Jensen Acklesthings won’t be as straightforward as the show’s line of argument suggests.

In a recent interview with TVLinealum Dean Winchester (and executive producer) explained how the prequel will prove worthy of continuing the franchise, which the CW has struggled with over the years. He credits the former Supernatural writer and colleague Winchester EP Robbie Thompson to help get him on board with this new show. “If we connect dots with a simple straight line, it’s not fun, it’s boring,” Ackles admitted. “If we connect these dots in a much crazier and wilder way Supernatural way, then we have a show. This “wild Supernatural way” implies lots of new faces for the titular Winchesters to work with and against in their efforts to rid the world of monsters.

The prequel will hit the big moments that have been mentioned throughout Supernatural, but the path to those “waypoints,” as he called them, won’t be as simple as point A to point B. “It’s not the sugar-coated version of the way mom and dad met, that’s what really happened.” Ackles added that these waypoints will have slight variations that will surprise fans. As an example, he teased how the show would explain how John (played in Drake Rodger’s prequel) apparently didn’t know about demons and monsters until the death of his wife Mary (Meg Donnelly), who was born into the hunter’s way of life. “We have a massive solution for that,” he said. “We get to that point, and we play the ‘oooh, it is why’ kind of thing.

Currently, The Winchesters is filming the show’s pilot, and should it go to series, Ackles will serve as the show’s narrator. Given how long the main series is, maybe The CW will give Winchester 20 seasons just for laughs… assuming they are around for another 20 years, that is.

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