John Oliver reveals how he’s been dragging Dr. Oz for years

In the Sunday evening edition of Last week tonightJohn Oliver kicked off the show by addressing former President Donald Trump’s recent endorsement of snake oil salesman Dr. Mehmet Oz, who has aggressively pushed hydroxychloroquine as a COVID treatment during the pandemic. , in the race for the Pennsylvania Senate.

“You know, when you’re on TV for 18 years, it’s like a poll. It means people like you. But he’s a great guy,” Trump said of Oz.

“Wow. I hadn’t heard that voice in a while and, to be honest, I really didn’t miss it. The first growl in that clip was like hearing the sound of a running lawn mower that you know is about to sexually harass you,” Oliver said. “Now as to his claim that being on TV for a long time is like a poll showing people like you, that just isn’t true. Believe me. I’ve been on TV in this country for 16 years now and still get comments on YouTube like ‘I hope he stops soon’, ‘Why is this less funny, Mr. Bean so crazy?’”

Oliver went on to describe Dr. Oz’s Senate campaign as “a shit show”, including the revelation that Dr. Oz apparently didn’t spend a lot of time living in Pennsylvania.

“For years he lived in New Jersey, and his social media still frequently shows him at his North Jersey mansion, so he’s running for office in a state he doesn’t seem to want to live in – a political decision savvy known as the ‘Eric Adams Special’,” Oliver offered.

The late night host then revealed that the Dr Oz show was filmed in the same studio as his and that Dr Oz’s offices were right across from Last week tonight‘s, leading Oliver’s staff to position a giant middle finger alligator at Dr. Oz’s office. One of Dr. Oz’s biggest campaign flaws is making TikTok videos of himself filling up his car with gas and then blaming Biden and the Democrats for the high prices.

“Look, gas prices are a real concern, but Dr. Oz is worth over $100 million, so it’s kind of weird for him to act like it’s specifically straining his budget,” said Oliver. “But maybe he’s only posting these videos to push a little less relevant content further down his page, like, I don’t know, this one.”

He then launched a video that Dr Oz posted of himself wakeboarding in Italy with the caption “Surfin’ through #Italy like” and to the tune of “Oooh Ahh (My Life Be Like )” by Grits.

“And the truth is, that’s what his life is like because he’s fucking rich, which means he can do stuff like that,” Oliver explained. “What he can’t do, however, is stand in front of gas pumps and pretend he’s personally affected by these numbers.”

He continued: “I’ve been talking shit a lot about The Dr Oz Show and I did it because it was terribly terrible. But what is now clear is that I didn’t appreciate how hard his staff had to work every day to make sure it wasn’t even worse. He had to give up his show to run for the Senate, and if any of his aides return to our office in the coming weeks to clean up their stuff, we’ve actually left him a special new message about our alligator: ‘I I’m sorry, it looks like a fucking nightmare. Because he really Is.”

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