Kiefer Sutherland thinks 24 years and Jack Bauer’s story is still ‘unresolved’

Kiefer Sutherland

Kiefer Sutherland
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Few characters from day-to-day (day, day, day) television daytime) existences have been chronicled more rigorously than 24it’s Jack Bauer. Pursued relentlessly by his ultimate enemy, a small digital clock that seems to know where he is all when he wakes up life – Kiefer Sutherland’s Bauer has lived through 9 seasons of semi-realtime television at this point, plus a television film. Any reasonable person would probably say that Jack’s story (encompassing heroism, torture, a bit of mild terrorism and so a lot of running) probably had all the room he needed to completely resolve.

Nevertheless: Sutherland now has declared Jack’s story unfinished, and said he was ready to come back to the franchise for even more “Shout ‘Damn, we’re almost out of time!'” stock.

It is by an interview that Sutherland recently gave to QGtelling the magazine that “I believe the story is unresolved. (To be fair, the Sutherland-directed final season of 242014 live another dayended up with him in the hands of vengeful Russian agents – although we’d say “being held by a hostile foreign government” is a pretty natural resting point for a guy like Jack.)

I miss it. It was an amazing experience,” Sutherland said of the show. (He was absent from the franchise’s last offering, 2017′s 24: Legacythough he gave his personal endorsement following the series.) As to whether he would return as Bauer, Sutherland was very “let go and let God”: “I’ve learned that it’s better not to be definitive about your answer as to whether you’re going to do something or not do something. I love playing this character… If something was to be written that made sense to me and that I thought would contribute to the franchise, I would be behind it, even if my involvement in it was to be limited.

Fox has said in the past that he intends to continue 24 at one point or another, although the franchise has lain fallow for the past 5 years. The series is a joint production between Imagine Entertainment by Brian Glazer and Ron Howard and 20th century television, now owned by Disney.

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