Kiernan Shipka is down for some sort of Mad Men revival

Kiernan Shipka

Kiernan Shipka
Photo: Randy Shropshire/Getty Images for InStyle

AMC clearly has a soft spot in its TV network core for spin-offs, since The Walking Dead about a thousand and You better call Saul has (arguably) reached greater heights than the show it originated from, but the network has yet to pull the proverbial trigger on any kind of Mad Men sequel, even as more and more networks give in to the siren song of “do what worked again”, and after AMC+ framed its entire launch around the allure of having Mad Men.

Well if anyone ever makes that call for more Mad Men, would be happy to answer Kiernan Shipka. the old Chilling Adventures of Sabrina star played Don Draper’s daughter, Sally, in the original series, and speaking with HEY recently, she mentioned that she was “not done with Sally” and would be happy to continue telling more stories with her. As for what those stories would entail, Shipka simply says that she doesn’t think Sally would stay in New York but “I think she would do LA” and that she’s “not done with her at all.”

Beyond that, there is not much to say. Doing a TV show about Sally Draper would require more than just Shipka’s involvement (like writers and such), but the door is pretty wide open in terms of the kinds of stories they could tell. Maybe Sally Draper is starring in her own ad agency with other people’s kids. Mad Men characters? Maybe she creates “Where’s The Beef?” or the 1984 Apple ad, while having their own interesting adventures and learning and growing as a person?

Maybe Jon Hamm comes across as an old man, and at some point he falls and can’t get up, inspiring his daughter to come up with another iconic advertising concept? (We know that “classic trade references” wasn’t really the point of the original, but Mad Men has ended with the implication that Don created the “buy the world a Coke” ad, so we’re running with that.)

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