‘Last Week Tonight John Oliver Torpedoes Dr Oz’s Senate Race – Deadline

In the latest episode of Last Week Tonight, John Oliver set fire to the campaign of Pennsylvania Senate candidate and TV personality Dr. Mehmet Oz.

It’s no secret that Oliver has a problem with Dr. Oz. In 2014, the British-American host spent 16 minutes on a segment describing the scientific controversy swirling around Oz and the nutritional supplement industry. Oliver has continued to sprinkle negative mentions regarding Oz’s pseudo-scientific claims in episodes over the years.

It would then be appropriate to throw Oz in the deep fryer if the controversial daytime TV doctor ever runs for a pivotal Senate seat that could shift the balance of Congress.

Oliver began by questioning Dr. Oz’s primary residence. Although the retired Ohio-born doctor is running for a job in Pennsylvania, social media frequently features Oz more than 200 miles away at his North Jersey mansion. Oliver dubbed it the “Eric Adams special,” referencing the previous incumbent New York City mayoral scandal where the then-mayoral candidate allegedly lived in Fort Lee, New Jersey.

The Emmy Award-winning host revealed he was also intimately aware of Oz’s close proximity to New York, as his talk show offices were right across the lobby from Last week tonightit is. The mischievous Oliver had his staff install a giant alligator raising middle finger directly at their desks to express their contempt for alleged medical malpractice.

“It seemed like a fitting way for them to be greeted every morning,” Oliver said of Oz and its employees.

Oliver went on to document several of Oz’s clumsy video attempts to connect with Pennsylvania voters: one of the Senate candidates complaining about high vegetable prices at a local Redners, another of him grumbling about the rising prices of the oil while pumping gas and, finally, one featuring a barely cohesive Oz praise for Pennsylvania high school wrestlers.

Oliver claimed there was no way for Oz to sympathize with working-class voters in the face of soaring food and gasoline prices due to his status as a multi-millionaire. At the right time, Oliver revealed a cheeky video posted in 2019 of Dr. Oz wakesurfing in Italy to Grits’ song “My Life Be Like” to reinforce that disconnect.

“The truth is, that’s what his life is like because he’s rich. Which means he can do things like, but what he can’t do is stand in front of gas pumps and pretend he’s personally affected by those numbers,” Oliver said.

Realizing that his anger was misdirected at the staff of The Dr Oz ShowOliver admitted some regrets about the alligator stunt with the middle finger and issued an apology.

“This campaign actually taught me something because I talked shit a lot about the Dr Oz Show and I did it because it was so fucking terrible, but what’s now clear is that I didn’t appreciate how hard his staff had to work every day to make sure it wasn’t even worse,” Oliver said.

“He had to give up his show to run for the Senate and if any of his aides come back to our offices in the coming weeks to clean up their stuff, we actually left him a special new message about our alligator: ‘I ‘I’m sorry. It looks like a fucking nightmare. Because he really does.

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