Late Night not thrilled with Elon Musk’s attempted Twitter takeover

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After becoming a major shareholder of Twitter last week, Elon Musk on Thursday made an offer to buy the social media site for $43 billion.

Trevor Noah lamented that Musk’s offer was anything but normal.

“No, he offered to pay 54.20 per share. Yeah, not exactly 54 dollars — no, 54.20. And that’s how you know you’re too rich — when you spend a few extra million dollars just to slip a weed joke into your takeover bid,” Noah joked.

“But one of the American companies that has suspended its service in Russia is Netflix, which has made subscribers in Russia so mad that they are suing Netflix. They want 60 million rubles in compensation, or about $80, I think, is not it ? ” —JIMMY KIMMEL

“Now Russian Netflix subscribers have launched a class action lawsuit for loss of service. Then after a few hours a screen came up saying “Are you still chasing?” and you had to click “yes”. — STAGE COLBERT

“It would be great if this war ended because the Russians couldn’t watch ‘Is It Cake?’ on time?” —JIMMY KIMMEL

“It’s not just viewers who are angry, as Netflix has also halted development and acquisition of all Russian-made TV shows and movies. This is bad news for everyone – Of course, it’s the right thing to do, but it’s bad news for everyone who is excited about the new season of “Bridgertato.” — STAGE COLBERT

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