Lauryn Hill asks California lawmakers to pass the FAIR Act limiting recording contracts to 7 years

Lauryn Hill took to Instagram on Thursday (April 14) to urge California lawmakers to pass the FAIR Act, a labor law that would change contract limits for artists.

California State Assemblyman Lorena Gonzalez first introduced the FAIR Act – the Free Artists from Industry Restrictions Act – last year. Designed to limit recording contracts to seven years for California-based artists or California-based labels, the law aims to help artists.

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The “To Zion” singer-rapper is one of the bill’s biggest supporters. His statement posted on social media read: “We would like to believe that companies at the highest level are always led by fair practices and moral prerogatives, but more often than not that is not the case. For this reason, laws MUST exist that protect people from harsh and callous practices like artist suppression, willful sabotage and neglect. Record labels are still populated and run by…well, people – with personal policies, biases and issues we may not know about. Artists can easily fall prey to internal business politics, someone inside just doesn’t like them, or the intimidation and attacks that come when someone resists that coercion.

Known for exposing greed and corruption within the industry, she pointed out that these components can “pervert the creative intentions of young dreamers who don’t realize they’re up against a system with a history of use and… ‘crushing people who don’t’. not comply with their agenda.

The New Jersey native continued, “We have a history of examples, albums, bands and people whose influence on popular culture has literally changed the world. When these voices are silenced and suppressed, the world is dramatically affected. No institution should have the ability to control the market by controlling the output of a creative being for a ridiculously indefinite period of time.

Although some key music industry figures, including Irving Azoff, founder of the Music Artists Coalition, have said that streaming has significantly affected the industry, there are few or no laws that reflect this change. If passed, the law would also extend the same protections to television and film productions.

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