Madlyn from The Ultimatum claims she got pregnant during the show

Ultimatum's Madlyn Ballatori Responds to Claims She Got Pregnant During Colby Kissinger Show

Colby Kissinger and Madlyn Ballatori Courtesy of Madlyn Ballatori/Instagram

Set the clocks straight! Madlyn Ballatori made her pregnancy timeline very clear after The ultimatumis final.

“To clarify more, [my husband], Colby [Kissinger]and I got married on 5/13/2021 and will be having our baby in the next two weeks,” the Los Angeles native wrote via Instagram Stories on Sunday, April 17. “AKA not pregnant while filming.

The future star exclusively said We Weekly last month that she was 35 weeks pregnant with a baby girl.

“I’m ready to have my daughter,” the mom-to-be said in the March interview. “Just the past two weeks, I’ve been like, ‘Get that baby out of me! But I love being pregnant. I mean, it’s, it’s been such a blessing.

The pregnant star showed her Instagram followers her progress in maternity photos on Friday, April 15, noting that she has “two weeks left” before becoming a mom.

“This pregnancy has completely transformed me. Not only physically as I completely changed shape… but also mentally, spiritually and emotionally,” she captioned the slideshow. “It developed an even deeper love than I thought possible with my partner as well as an incredible innate connection with my body and my daughter within me. Pregnancy completely altered and rebuilt my self-image and my confidence. So much different than before, I feel powerful, beautiful and so proud to be a woman. I can’t believe that I am becoming the mother of a perfect child and with the support and love of the best partner I have ever had. could ask. This is truly a gift I could never deserve, but I am blessed beyond words to have received. I can’t wait to meet my daughter.

Ultimatum's Madlyn Ballatori Applauds Claims She Got Pregnant During Colby Kissinger 2 Show

Madlyn Ballatori and Colby Kissinger Courtesy of Netflix

The reality star joined the Netflix show last year because her then-boyfriend gave her an engagement ultimatum. Not only did Ballatori accept the Texas native’s proposal at the end of the series, but the couple also got married moments later.

“Once I found out I was engaged in [the] engagement, I knew I was ready for the next big thing, which was marriage and, like, losing another beat when you had it on the biggest stage? Why not take the opportunity? the groom explained to We in March. “And I’m like, since she said yes to the engagement, why not say yes to the wedding.”

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