Men like Pete Davidson talk about the drama of dating an influencer

Dating a glamorous influencer means loving a beautiful woman, but being an Instagram husband or boyfriend isn’t easy.

Ask Pete Davidson. The 28-year-old ‘Saturday Night Live’ star has been fooling around with 41-year-old Kim Kardashian since last fall, but fans took to a recent Instagram post from the couple in which the nose and Davidson’s jaw appear to have been digitally altered. .

Jeff Damisse can understand. He dated a fitness influencer for six months in 2016. She was beautiful and looked strikingly like R&B songbird Ciara, but being with a digital diva had major downsides.

“She was always taking hundreds of sexy selfies at all hours of the day and night,” said Damisse, a 37-year-old podcaster who lives in the Bronx. “Once, a few minutes after we had sex, I saw that she was taking half-naked photos of herself in my bed for her subscribers. I said to her, ‘You come to finish having an orgasm! How could your next thought be to share this moment, which I thought was something special between us, with the world?’ ”

Damisse finally broke up with his influencer girlfriend after taking near-naked photos of herself in bed.
Jeff Damisse has finally broken up with his influencer girlfriend after taking nearly nude post-coital photos of herself in bed.
Courtesy of Jeff Damisse

Damisse ended their relationship soon after. And his outrage at the internet star’s indecent offense, while extreme, was not entirely unfounded, according to men’s lifestyle expert Aaron Marino.

“At first, dating an influencer and being part of their fame or brand can be really exciting and fun,” Marino, a 45-year-old with more than 6.5 million YouTube subscribers, told his Alpha channel. M..

“But the thrill of always being in the public eye, never enjoying a genuine moment with each other, and having to live on the fringes of your partner’s life while they pursue fame can become very old, very quickly,” he added.

Kim Kardashian's boyfriend Pete Davidson was recently at the center of a photoshop witch hunt after he shared a dodgy image of herself and the
Kim Kardashian’s boyfriend Pete Davidson was recently at the center of a Photoshop witch hunt after he shared an allegedly doctored image of himself and the ‘SNL’ star online.
Kim Kardashian/Instagram
pete davidson
Davidson’s supposed Photoshopped image is on the right.
Getty; Kim Kardashian/Instagram

“And, most of the time, dating an influencer requires you to become an influencer by association, which can be difficult because getting that kind of attention might be something you never signed up for or don’t want. ever wanted.”

Andrew Zrakas had no intention of becoming an internet star. But when his girlfriend of five years, Kristen Bousquet, 28, went from hairstylist to online mentor at the end of 2019, he was suddenly thrust into the spotlight as a clickable content co-star for her 42,000 Instagram followers. , TikTok and YouTube. .

“As a fiancé, I have to be ready to be on camera at all times in my daily life,” Zrakas, 27, of Charlotte, North Carolina, told The Post. In Bousquet’s shots, he is often presented as his devoted and passionate Romeo. “Whether I’ve got a toothbrush in my mouth or I’m trying to get some work done, I always have to be ready to be in or take a picture of it.”

Despite the pressures and inconveniences of dating an influencer, Zrakas credits his girlfriend's online popularity for the majority of the special moments they shared throughout their five-year relationship.
Despite the pressures and inconvenience of dating an influencer, Andrew Zrakas credits his girlfriend’s online popularity for the majority of the special moments they shared throughout their five-year relationship.
Courtesy of Andrew Zrakas

In the fall, he and Bousquet made a cheeky TikTok clip, highlighting the issues of dating a tastemaker.

The post, which has garnered over 39,000 views, follows an exasperated Zrakas as he suffers from Bousquet’s incessant posing for selfies, as well as her forcing him to act like her photographer and pulling his hand away from the lunch so she can get a picture of the meal.

Despite the inconveniences and annoyances, Zrakas is admittedly happy to support his love of social media.

Aaron Marin
Lifestyle expert Aaron Marino says dating an influencer can be exciting and fun at first, but can get really old later.
Courtesy of Aaron Marino

“I became his unofficial photographer, and because of my role in his world, we can accomplish and experience so many cool things together,” he said, noting the lavish international excursion and luxurious gifts that his work brings. offered them. They just returned from an influencer getaway to Cartagena, Colombia, and were recently given free wedding rings for their upcoming September nuptials by a major diamond retailer.

“A lot of the special moments in our relationship wouldn’t have happened if she hadn’t been an influencer,” Zrakas said.

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