“Outer Range” Series Premiere Recap: Episode 1, The Void – Prime Video

Inside Prime Video’s new neo-western Outdoor beach, a rancher’s family grapples with heartbreaking loss, financial problems, hostile neighbors and alcoholism. But it’s not even half.

Led by rugged Josh Brolin, the Abbott family struggles to move on after one of their own goes missing, until a mysterious sinkhole discovered by their patriarch Royal introduces them to a world of supernatural wonder. and impending chaos. Add to that a covert murder plot and you have a wild combo of Yellowstone meets Dark, with pieces of Line thrown in for good measure. Sound intriguing? Read on for a recap of “The Void.”

Up top, Royal (Brolin) fills us in on the Greek god Chronos, who used a sickle to punch a hole in the cosmos between heaven and Earth. He separated our world from the next. The known of the unknown. “The world was waiting for something like this,” Royal says.

Three days earlier, his wife Cecilia (Lili Taylor) recounts a recurring dream she had about their children. Their stepdaughter Rebecca returned and their granddaughter, Amy, ran into her mother’s arms. Cecilia asks him not to tell their son Perry.

One evening, Amy asks her grandmother how she met Grandfather. Something bad happened in his childhood, says Cecilia, and he ran away from home. However, he doesn’t remember the trauma and Royal never even knew his real mother and real father. One day he walked to the ranch where they still live and started working the land.

Meanwhile, a man named Wayne Tillerson (Will Patton) talks to a buffalo head hanging on the wall. “You feel it too, don’t you?” But the buffalo, being dead dead and everything, doesn’t answer. (It’s not that sort of show…again, at least.) He calls Cecilia to let her know something is up, but she asks if the rambling old fart is drunk.

Summary of the first outdoor rangeThe next day, a hitchhiker named Autumn (Imogen Poots) arrives looking for a place to camp. Since the Abbotts could use the money, Royal lets her stay.

Later, Wayne’s sons Trevor and Luke approach Royal with court-ordered documents proving the Abbotts’ fences are a mile away on their property. If he doesn’t back down his fences, they’ll drag him to court. Royal assures his sons that he will take care of it.

While riding, Royal discovers a large chasm in the middle of his western pasture. He is reasonably puzzled, as he drops a rock into the hole and hears nothing. A strange, wispy smog hangs over the hole, which only adds to its mystery, and when he puts his hand in it, he sees his wife (in the near future?) and two young boys. It’s not much, but it’s enough to shake his cage.

When he gets home, Deputy Sheriff Joy is there with bad news: they’re officially stopping the search for Rebecca. It’s been nine months since her disappearance, and the priority of her case has gone down. Perry insists that Rebecca wouldn’t have voluntarily left Amy.

Royal returns to the chasm and looks as fascinated as he is confused. He crumples the legal documents and throws them in. As he stands there, a buffalo with two arrows in the side moves, then walks away. He warns Autumn to stay away from the area with the Hole of Fate. She asks him how much he would sell the ranch for… 5 million dollars? Six? Does the mysterious stranger have a full bank account… and maybe an ulterior motive?

Cecilia tells Royal that she thinks Rebecca is gone. To like faded away, faded away. She says it’s something they have to accept, but Royal isn’t so sure. In another conversation, Rhett suggests Perry move on, only to back off and apologize. The conversation brings Perry to tears.

Summary of the first outdoor rangeA drunk Perry then gets into a fight with Trevor, and after the guy mentions Perry’s MIA wife, Perry destroys his trachea and brutally bludgeons the guy with his fists. When Rhett pulls the truck, the look on his face says it all.

The men start driving and Rhett asks Perry if he wants to go see the sheriff. Trevor’s corpse is hidden in the bed of the truck. Rhett slams on the brakes as a pesky buffalo blocks the road. The same animal with the arrows on the side that Royal saw earlier.

The two men park the truck in the Abbott’s barn. Royal is angry that they brought the corpse home, but after thinking about it, he says, “Let’s settle this.” He pulls Perry out of the house and says he won’t let Amy lose her father too. He orders his son to clean the truck and leave the body with him. Luckily he has a brand new, probably supernatural sinkhole on his land!

Outside the bar, Trevor’s brother finds his bloody belt buckle – damning evidence that’s sure to bite the Abbotts in the ass later.

Shortly after, Trevor’s brothers come knocking. They ask all kinds of questions about when Perry got home and where Rhett is. Perry turns the barn light on and off repeatedly to warn Rhett and Royal that they have company. The Tillersons find tire tracks in the dirt, which lead them straight to the barn. They break in and find the truck, only it’s full of hay bales. Royal is already galloping on his horse towards the hole, body in tow. A bolt of lightning knocks the horse back and Trevor’s body crashes to the ground. Seeing the truck lights approaching, Royal quickly drags Trevor through barbed wire. He finally arrives at the hole and does not hesitate: he throws this sucker directly into it.

A flashlight turns on. It’s fall. She asks him what the hole is and why he just threw a body there. She asks if he knows who Chronos is. The god dug a hole in the cosmos, and that’s why we have time, she said. She promises she won’t tell anyone; it will be their little secret. “The world was waiting for something like this,” she says. Then, she pushes Royal down the hole.

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