Percy Jackson Casting Walker Scobell Improves The Show

Percy Jackson fans are finally getting the adaptation they deserve, thanks to the Disney+ series casting Walker Scobell in the title role.

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Incredibly Popular Book Series Percy Jackson and the Olympians is getting his own Disney+ series, and while the creators kept the details very low-key, the show’s dedicated fans were thrilled that Walker Scobell was cast as Percy, and they should be. The cast of Scoball is the first proof that the show will be better than the movies.

the Percy Jackson The book series written by Rick Riordan was first adapted for the big screen in 2010. were disappointed to say the least. When the film franchise died out after just two films, the future of the property was uncertain. But now Disney+ has taken over, and casting Scobell is a huge step in the right direction.

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In the first volume of the series, The Lightning Thief, many plot devices rely on Percy being young. At just 12 at the start, the tragedy of his life is thrown into sharp relief by every reminder that Percy is a literal child. When he arrives at Camp Half-Blood and meets other children who have fought for their lives and are trained to defend themselves against monsters, there is a sense of horror for these young children.

When the next film premiered and Percy was up to 16, some of the audience left immediately. The movies lacked that core element of age and progression, because in the books, Percy is given a prophecy that says he must make a choice at 16 that will end or save the world as he knows it. . For the series to be a true adaptation, Percy’s age must be correct.

When Riordan announced via his social media accounts that he was in talks with Disney+ about a series, fans eagerly awaited any hint of announcement. Riordan has been keeping the fan base as up to date as possible and letting them know when the show has launched and when it’s starting filming, but it wasn’t until recently that fans met their Percy – and realized he was perfect for the role.

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13-year-old Scobell (who seems as excited about the series as the fans, from the reaction photo above) has recently had success with Netflix The Adam Project. Portraying a young version of Ryan Reynolds’ character, Adam Reed, in the film, the sassy and sarcastic nature he displayed will translate well to Percy Jackson. He will turn 13 and play a 12-year-old character; much closer to the appropriate age. While a seemingly simple and obvious decision, this casting choice proves that the show’s producers respect the source material and plan to stick closer to it than the movies.

This alone raises hope among Percy Jackson fans for a better adaptation this time around. Especially with Disney’s advanced filming technology available to the show, the sky’s the limit for the TV series. If nothing else, it will have a great hero for audiences to root for.

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