Piers Morgan reveals he’s in touch with Trump ahead of new talk show – Deadline

Piers Morgan has revealed he was recently contacted by Ivanka Trump, despite being frozen out by his father Donald for the past two years following a long friendship between the pair.

Morgan, whose new big-budget, high-profile talk show will soon debut, told The Times he received a congratulatory text from the former president’s daughter when he landed his new job at TalkTV, the brand new television channel from Rupert Murdoch’s News. UK.

Morgan told the newspaper that he responded to Ivanka, sending his “best to the whole family.”

“She said, ‘Actually, I’m with daddy and Jared now. I said, ‘Well, tell your dad’ – I thought I’d be careful how I phrase that – ‘tell your dad I almost I miss him.’ She laughed.”

Morgan was one of Donald Trump’s most consistent supporters during the early years of his presidency, with the pair meeting and becoming friends when the British presenter appeared on Celebrity Apprentice in the USA. However, in 2020, when Morgan expressed his written disapproval of Trump’s reaction to both the murder of George Floyd and then to the Covid outbreak – he wrote that Trump’s policies were ‘stupid, reckless and dangerous’ – Trump reacted in his singular presidential way, and ditched Morgan on Twitter. There hasn’t been a rapprochement since, though the prospect of Trump appearing on his new talk show is undoubtedly one that tireless headline-hunter Morgan would enjoy.

His show Piers Morgan uncensored, for which a brand new studio has been built in West London, will debut on April 25 and will be released in the UK, Americas and Australia. There will be no co-host alongside Morgan, unlike his last TV outing – when he was paired with Susanna Reid until he left over a row over the Duchess of Sussex’s remarks during his interview with Oprah Winfrey and quits later — but instead, plenty of savvy guests who Morgan hopes won’t always agree with him.

He told The Times: “I don’t want shouting matches, but I want to have good arguments. Smart and savvy guests. The ground rules are: I don’t want stupid people. There are enough stupid debates going on. Rather than having to take a Covid test [to get on set], you will need an IQ test. Haha! No. But metaphorically. I will tolerate all opinions.

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