Prince Charles ‘likely’ to let Prince Harry and Meghan Markle become part-time royals

It looks like there are more royal engagement photo ops in Prince Harry and Meghan Markle’s future than we thought. Royal expert/author Tom Quinn says it’s actually ‘likely’ the Sussexes will return to part-time royal life when Prince Charles becomes king.

“We’ve heard Charles say before that he wants to streamline the royal family, [to] modernize,” Quinn said. We Weekly. “I think Meghan and Harry are hoping….Charles will be open to [them being] part-time royals, which they wanted all along.”

It is true that Harry and Meghan wanted to continue doing part-time royal work when they initiated their royal departure in January 2020. In their announcement of the decision, they wrote that they planned “to balance our time between the United Kingdom and North America”. , continuing to honor our duty to the Queen, the Commonwealth and our patronages.” The Queen ultimately rejected Harry and Meghan’s proposed balancing act, ultimately deciding that “stepping away from the work of the Royal Family , it is not possible to continue with the responsibilities and duties that accompany a life of public service”.

“Of course the queen – who grew up with this feeling that you’re either completely in or completely out – she wouldn’t allow [it]”, said Quinn in her interview with We Weekly. “But…Charles might allow that.”

Quinn went on to say Charles might actually be ‘likely’ to want to be nice to Harry and Meghan, even if it was just for looks – and to point out that the Sussexes working as senior royals part-time does not necessarily have a downside for the royal family.

“It would be best to tell Harry, ‘OK, we’ll do whatever you want. You can stay here for six months,'” Quinn added. “It’s not like being a working royal entails anything politically sensitive or controversial, because really, when they’re full-time royals, they open up hospitals. They, you know, give their names to charities. So it’s possible they could do that for half the year and, you know, do their other stuff in America.”

Even for royal engagement photos, we’re okay with that.

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