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Episode 5

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Episode 5

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5 stars

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Season two of sandit for all time!! The writers just threw everything overboard about the first season, and I love it so much. This episode was particularly satisfying because it had KISSING. There were long, lingering stares. When Alex Colbourne walks into the ball and he and Charlotte look at each other, I’m like, “YEEEEESSSSSSSS, that’s why I watch Jane Austen showsssss.” Austen’s adaptations are all about these slow builds that lead to characters’ hands briefly brushing, and it’s amazing when they do. ‘Cause it’s the lawless world of sanditthey take it a step further here, and it’s the absolute best.

Honestly, this episode deserves six out of five stars because it starts with Arthur saying “Hello, horse”. It’s the opening. And it gets better from there. Minus the parts of Esther, but I choose to compartmentalize them cleverly. The event of the week in Sanditon is a ball (a ball!!!). The first drama is that the traders refuse to supply it because the soldiers have not paid their debts. Tom says the prom has to be canceled (no!!!). Arthur decides to make things right because Arthur is the best brother of all brothers.

Ugh, let’s quickly get rid of Esther’s storyline because I hate it: Edward replaces the medicine Esther drinks with laudanum, so she’s constantly on the sidelines. He plans to make Lady Denham think she is crazy and have her committed. I hate that so much. She hasn’t heard from Babington because Edward is still hiding her letters. “But Babington will come!” I told my friend. “The actor who plays him has left the show,” she replied. I was as desperate as Miss Hankins at not finding the yarn she needed to complete her woolens. But! Clara is clearly stricken with her conscience, so there is hope that she will turn on Edward and save Esther, and then they will raise the baby together after the extremely racist Lady Denham dies. They can be like the Ladies of Llangollen, but with a baby.

Since Alison dumped Captain Carter, the field has been clear for Fraser. However, Alison says she’ll just leave and go back to the farm. Charlotte is like, “I mean, I am here,” which is hilarious, but Alison says she never sees Charlotte because of her job as a governess. Next, she explains how she knows that Charlotte’s heart is essentially healed thanks to Colonel Lennox. Booooo!!! In this episode, Charlotte’s friends show terrible judgment except in their personal romantic choices. Alison and Georgiana are all on Lennox when Alex is just there. Again I know Jane Eyre hasn’t been written, but the parallels are so clear!! And he doesn’t even have a woman locked up in his attic! That we know! Anyway, Alison agrees to go to the prom (the prom!!).

Speaking of Georgiana, she tricks Arthur into leaving her and Charles Lockhart unaccompanied for his portrait session. He paints her as they sit on a (nice) garden path with her hair down. She tells him it’s the hair her mom gave her, and that’s how she wants to be seen (yay, Georgiana!). Charles tells her that he doesn’t paint her for money but for love. They kiss on the garden path!! Outrageous but awesome!

Last time we saw Alex, he told Charlotte she couldn’t see Colonel Lennox, which was a real reach, sir. Then he stormed off. So when she goes to work and sees him coming, Charlotte hides behind a tree. I hope she will tell him about it ten years after their marriage. Or six months – I just want to emphasize that they are going to get married and it will last a long time, and also I love them.

Augusta is (still) grumpy because she thinks Alex’s behavior at the garden party means they can’t go to the prom. Ugh, I love this town/show. Charlotte talks to the housekeeper about how “Mr. Colbourne” hates having fun, and the housekeeper berates her for talking about things she doesn’t understand. Of course! Alex introduces himself while Charlotte questions Leo about monarchs English, and when they’re alone, he tells her that he regrets the way they parted, but he can’t apologize for what he did. He tells her again to stay away from “that man”. You’re really Sidneyish right now, Alex.

After Charlotte talks to Augusta about why she wants to go to prom (because of her now deceased parents), she goes back to talk to Alex. He says now he’s sorry How? ‘Or’ What he spoke to her, but not the intention behind it. She asks if that’s an excuse (lol) and when he says yes, she accepts it. It’s a good compromise !

Meanwhile, Alison and Captain Fraser are walking together on a very British, windy and cold beach. She is still mad at him because she thinks he was laughing at her despite knowing Carter’s lies. When he talks about reality, he just couldn’t betray Carter’s trust and that Carter’s stories weren’t outright lies, they were just borrowed, Alison realizes that Fraser is a handsome hero soldier. She forgives him.

It turns out that Lady Denham has rumors that the army goes into debt in every town she visits, then disappears overnight. And no one can have justice after them because they are war heroes. It’s the worst !! Colonel Lennox is the worst!! Edward is also the worst, which wouldn’t have anything to do with this paragraph except he’s also in the army!! Mary tells Tom, and when he admits he’s in debt, she’s understandably very frustrated. Mary eventually tells him that Sidney and Charlotte were in love, and Sidney gave that up to save Tom and Sanditon. Tom feels extremely guilty.

It’s prom time!!! Lennox tells Fraser that he will propose to Charlotte (what?? boooooo). At the ball, Georgiana and Charles make eyes at each other. Tom tells Charlotte that he knows Sidney would like to see her dance again. Oh, Tom tries! I like everyone in this bar. Except for Lennox. And Edward. And maybe Carter, but I don’t know, he just seems kinda stupid. He’s literally chatting with four women when Alison walks up and gives an A+ speech about how he should view his behavior. Fraser looks pleased. Alison and Fraser dance after he tells her that she was wearing the best dress at prom and that she had never looked better. FRASER. You are a pearl among this terrible band of soldiers.

Charles and Georgiana dance and then come out to talk. They hold hands in the dark (gasp!). Charles tells her that he is leaving tomorrow after his portrait is finished. When she’s rightly like, you were going to tell me that? he said, “I’m telling you.” NOPE. Booooo. Get out of here with this, Charles. He asks her to come with him, and she asks if he means like his concubine, and he says, “like my wife”. Listen, I like them, but no. No Charles! Are you kidding? First of all, you seem to be in control of your own schedule, so you might be waiting longer. Second, she was only cheated on by the man she was in love with, so maybe she needs a little more time to actually get to know you, Flighty Artist Man. You can’t all be “live and try your luck!” when you take almost no risk yourself in this situation. Why not you do you push yourself by staying in one place for a bit and proving to Georgiana that she can trust you?

Lennox. Ugh, Lennox. He asks Charlotte for the first dance, and they have one of those Jane Austen dance conversations where you have to stop because you’re doing a complex dance move that forces you to step away from another partner. Except Charlotte doesn’t say much because she doesn’t care. face for Colonel Lennox. Charlotte loves deeply pained and complicated men, Lennox! You are just an asshole. Does not match the brand. When he asks her if she thought about her future, she apologizes. Yesss.

Alright, so Alex and Augusta come in, and Charlotte and Alex do. intense eye contact across the room. Like, the best that Jane Austen adaptations have to offer. Slow violin music plays. They smile softly at each other. I’m not kidding when I say that even while writing this I stopped and watched it again. DANG. Augusta says the next dance is about to start, and when Alex says he’s not dancing, you know he and Charlotte will end up dancing. Only the writers do this smartly by making it a classic “switching partners” dance where he and Charlotte face each other. There are so much sustained eye contact, ten out of ten. Charlotte apologizes due to the heat of the situation. She and Alison talk, and when Charlotte tells Alison that while she was dancing, she felt alive in a way she hasn’t since [Sidney], Alison is all, “Colonel Lennox is really great.” No, Alison! Nope!

Then Lennox comes along, and you know he’s going to propose, and he Is, but it is a proposal of Mr. Collins. A MR. COLLINS PROPOSAL. She tells him she thought she made it clear that she didn’t want to get married, and he thinks she’s playing games? When she says she doesn’t love him, he does that classic “I’m a terrible person”, response of love that will grow, AND THEN HE KISSES HER? I was watching this whole episode in silence, but I gasped to this. When she pushes him away, he tells her to be sensitive to her rank and know his. And that he was saving her from her sordid existence. It is this guy on a dating app right after being rejected.

Alex sees Charlotte as she leaves and asks what Lennox told her. They go somewhere else to talk, and he does an “I told you so” saying he tried to warn her, and she quite rightly says he didn’t warn her about anything. Charlotte demands that he finally tell her what’s going on, and he gathers Augusta and says they’re leaving, along with Charlotte. He will finally tell her! But, scandalously, at home (at night!).

Alex and Charlotte are sitting on a couch and he tells her the same story as Mr. Rochester: He married his wife, whose name I forget (Lucy?); she wanted to stay in town when he hated it there; he hasn’t heard from her for months; and when he went to pick her up, she was pregnant and abandoned by… COLONEL LENNOX (dun dun dun!). So Leo is Lucy and Lennox’s child. Leo eavesdrops on all of this, by the way, which will surely pay off in the season finale next week.

Charlotte is absolutely and completely in love with Alex at this point, so she says a lot about him bearing no blame and having to forgive himself. She grab his hand, and I die. She starts talking about the future and how it could be happy, and they lean into each other, and I kept thinking, “Well, how are you be interrupted?” but this is not the case. They go all out! They kiss for Twelve seconds, and then the episode ends, so as far as we know, they might still be kissing.

It’s the penultimate episode, and there’s a lot to wrap up! We know there is another season coming, so there will probably be dangling trace wires, who: noooo. But honestly, wow, a sandit has never redeemed himself this season. What a comeback.

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