‘SNL’ Cold Open Spotlights Easter With Trump, Dr. Fauci, Sad Elon Musk – Deadline

On the second day of Passover, halfway through Ramadan, the second night of the first Coachella weekend, and a few hours before Easter Sunday, saturday night live kicked off with the Easter Bunny himself, an overly timely hipster reference, and another bloated political skit.

Does anyone think of editing these cold openings? They just get bigger, longer and go nowhere.

“It’s really me the Easter Bunny,” Bowen Yang said in a full furry costume at the show’s promising peak. “Either that or you’re at Coachella and the ‘mushrooms’ are kicking in,” the often perfectly placed actor added, surrounded by an unfortunate department store-quality ensemble designed to moan “hot Halloween.”

“Remember, the spirit of Easter isn’t about candy, eggs, or even bunnies,” Yang joked about the idea of ​​the creature overseeing the watered-down pagan spring festival that Easter contemporary is for many. “It’s about renewal and rebirth,” he continued, omitting the obvious Christian connection with a semi-secular soft shoe. “That’s why I’ve invited people from all walks of life to share their hopes for this Easter season.”

And that’s when Covid czar Dr Anthony “is still there” Fauci (SNL MVP Kate McKinnon) has arrived. Followed by Marjorie Taylor Greene (Cecily Strong), New York Mayor Eric Adams (Chris Redd), ever-changing Twitter shareholder and declared Easter buyer Elon Musk (Mikey Day), a Britney Spears (Chloe Fineman), Jared Leto (Kyle Mooney), who describes himself as Jesus, and Donald Trump (James Austin Johnson). A gathering that for the most part would otherwise be known as a band that could use a little less cultural oxygen.

As usual, with Johnson’s exCelebrity Apprentice host lamenting in non-sequences, starring in an otherwise predictable offering was McKinnon’s Fauci, who went straight to the religious jugular, in the best way. “Trust me, I’m not here to give you advice on Covid anymore, I’m not stupid enough to think you’re actually going to follow it,” said the fictionalized version of POTUS’ chief medical adviser. β€œAll I will say is that the Covid cases are very much like Jesus, they have risen again,” added McKinnon, barely able to contain a breaking character.

“And don’t worry, if you get vaccinated, you’ll be fine,” said the SNL Fauci went on to say that another strand of the virus is hitting the United States. “And if you’re not vaccinated I’m not supposed to tell, honestly I don’t care what happens to you.”

Now, while not a belly laugh, compare McKinnon’s Fauci to Day’s Musk impersonation and stunt doubles.

“Listen, I know a lot of people don’t want me to buy Twitter,” said the Is it cake? the host said in a shoutout to Musk’s likely $43 billion bid for the struggling social media platform. “But why, are you afraid that I will make Twitter bad?” he said then, trying to laugh. “What are you afraid I’ll buy next, the Oscars?”

“It was a joke,” Day’s Musk said afterwards, after a not-so-bad rendition of the South African billionaire’s incredibly uncomfortable laugh.

By the time Johnson’s rambling Trump showed up, the only honest reaction was Yang’s resigned bunny “what the hell are you talking about?” Which you could kind of say for almost all the cold open tonight.

The 18th show of the 47th season of the Lorne Michaels-produced series, tonight sees the legendary Lizzo take on a dual role as musical guest (her second time) and host (her maiden stint). SNL revealed tonight that Benedict Cumberbatch will host on May 7 with Arcade Fire playing Coachella as the musical guest.

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