Star Trek: Deep Space Nine actress Chase Masterson says she would only return for sequel ‘if it had to do with social justice’

Although currently in an age of endless reboots and sequels, some Star Trek: Deep Space Nine cast members – particularly actress Chase Masterson – have made it clear that they have certain requirements to meet before even debuting. consider the idea of ​​coming back.

Source: Star Trek: Deep Space Nine Season 4 Episode 16 “Bar Association” (1996), Paramount Television

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Speaking to a crowd of fans at the Deep Space Nine panel held at the recent Star Trek: Mission Chicago fan convention from April 8-10, series stars Nana Visitor (Kira Nerys), Alexander Siddig (Julian Bashir) and Chase Masterson (Leeta), they were asked — as many beloved series actors are today — if they would ever return to the space station orbiting Bajor for new adventures.

While all three were open to the idea, each posited that their return would be conditional on any future projects meeting individually specified criteria.

Source: Star Trek: Deep Space Nine Season 7 Episode 25/26 “What You Leave Behind” (1999), Paramount Television

“I would love that, but I would like to know that there was some kind of continuity, that it would really matter,” Visitor claimed. “I mean, there are jobs where, they are jobs, and I say, ‘It’s okay. I’m doing it. [acting] jobs for different reasons. Star Trek is something else, and the relationship with the audience is something else.

“I really feel the responsibility,” she added. “So unless it’s a certain thing, a certain way, certain writers, I would be concerned. Would I? Do I want Ira Steven Behr to write one and say, ‘Nana, come back’ ? Yes.”

Source: Star Trek: Deep Space Nine Season 7 Episode 21 “When It Rains” (1999), Paramount Television

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Siddig noted that he “just can’t think of how Bashir, where he exists after Deep Space Nine”.

“I mean, I know he was extremely human, and he’s probably a retired doctor or works for an NGO or maybe he collects butterflies with Garak,” he speculated.

Source: Star Trek: Deep Space Nine Season 6 Episode 19 “In Pale Moonlight” (1998), Paramount Television

Rounding out the trio’s set of responses, Masterson said, “I would like to make sure that Lita – I don’t think they need me anymore to be anything other than a strong character.”

“And I think if it had to do with social justice, it might work,” she continued. “But anything else, I think we’ve already done that. I think moving forward in the social justice narrative in terms of Latinum not focusing on Ferenginar. That, I would like to do.

Source: Star Trek: Deep Space Nine Season 4 Episode 16 “Bar Association” (1996), Paramount Television

Given the direction of current Star Trek series such as Discovery and especially Picard, whose current season sees half of its story set in present-day Los Angeles and tackling issues such as immigration and political divisiveness with all the grace expected of a modern Hollywood production, if a DS9 sequel ever goes green, Masterson will more than likely get his wish.

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