German bosses and unions together oppose boycott of Russian gas

BERLIN (AP) — German employers and unions have united to oppose an immediate European Union ban on natural gas imports from Russia following its invasion of Ukraine, saying such The move would lead to factory closures and the loss of jobs in the bloc’s biggest economy. “A rapid gas embargo would lead to production losses, … Read more

Jon Stewart’s new show on AppleTV+ would be a flop

Jon Stewart is struggling to gain traction on his new talk show, according to a report. “The Trouble with Jon Stewart,” which premiered on AppleTV+ in September, appears to be a flop, as it trails far behind its competitors on broadcast and cable TV, according to Bloomberg. The show’s first episode was viewed by just … Read more

How to See Through Inflation Prices

Photo: SERSOLL (Shutterstock) There are probably some goods or services that you have been buying regularly for years or even decades. And over time you probably familiarize yourself with the cost of these things and, in turn, whether something is cheap, overpriced, or looks okay. But lately, especially since the annual inflation rate hit a … Read more

Arthur Rupe, record producer who helped popularize R&B, dies at 104

CNN — Arthur Rupe, record producer and 2011 Rock & Roll Hall of Fame inductee, died Friday at his home in Santa Barbara, Calif., according to a statement from the Arthur N. Rupe Foundation. He was 104 years old. His death was also announced by his daughter, Beverly Rupe Schwarz, according to The New York … Read more

Jet fuel prices hit a record high on Saturday

ATF price up slightly, rates at record high New Delhi: Kerosene prices rose 0.2% on Saturday – the eighth straight increase this year – to a record high, reflecting a surge in global energy prices. The price of aviation jet fuel (ATF) – the fuel that helps planes fly – rose by Rs 277.5 per … Read more

Low-income buyers are shut out of the new-vehicle market

DETROIT (AP) — Two years after the pandemic tore through the economy, the U.S. auto market looks like this: Prices have risen dramatically. The supply is drastically reduced. And gasoline is much more expensive. The result? A growing disparity between the wealthiest buyers and everyone else. Wealthier buyers continue to shell out big bucks for … Read more

Putin’s Pollock: US Seafood Imports Fuel Russia’s War Machine

MIAMI (AP) – A US ban on seafood imports from Russia on his invasion of Ukraine was supposed to sap billions of dollars from Vladimir Putin’s war machine. But loopholes in import regulations mean pollock, salmon and crab caught by Russia are likely to enter the United States anyway, via the country vital for seafood … Read more

Rotten Fruits, Spoiled Vegetables: How Texas Just Worse the Supply Chain

San Francisco CNN — On Friday, a week-long protest by Texas Governor Greg Abbott against President Biden’s recent immigration policy resulted in a resolution, but the stalemate it created resulted in the loss of hundreds of millions dollars and delays in shipments of everything from lawyers to auto parts that will have a longer-term impact. … Read more