China steps up financial support for industries hit by COVID-19 outbreaks

BEIJING (Reuters) – China will step up financial support to industries, businesses and people affected by COVID-19 outbreaks, the central bank said on Monday (April 18th), as part of measures to cushion the economic downturn. Authorities will guide financial institutions to increase lending and return profits to the real economy, the People’s Bank of China … Read more

Global investors flee China fearing risks will outweigh rewards

A growing list of risks is turning China into a potential quagmire for global investors. The central question is what could happen in a country desperate to achieve the goals of its leader. President Xi Jinping’s friendship with Russian leader Vladimir Putin has made investors more wary of China, as a strongman narrative gains momentum … Read more

OPEC edged higher as bearish news mounts

This week finally saw good news for oil consumers. OPEC and the International Energy Agency lowered their demand forecasts, suggesting that prices finally had significant downside potential. But OPEC is ready to change course. “Tough new lockdown measures amid China’s surge in Covid cases have led to a downward revision to our expectations for global … Read more

Putin’s Pollock: US Seafood Imports Fuel Russia’s War Machine

MIAMI (AP) – A US ban on seafood imports from Russia on his invasion of Ukraine was supposed to sap billions of dollars from Vladimir Putin’s war machine. But loopholes in import regulations mean pollock, salmon and crab caught by Russia are likely to enter the United States anyway, via the country vital for seafood … Read more

Rotten Fruits, Spoiled Vegetables: How Texas Just Worse the Supply Chain

San Francisco CNN — On Friday, a week-long protest by Texas Governor Greg Abbott against President Biden’s recent immigration policy resulted in a resolution, but the stalemate it created resulted in the loss of hundreds of millions dollars and delays in shipments of everything from lawyers to auto parts that will have a longer-term impact. … Read more