German bosses and unions together oppose boycott of Russian gas

BERLIN (AP) — German employers and unions have united to oppose an immediate European Union ban on natural gas imports from Russia following its invasion of Ukraine, saying such The move would lead to factory closures and the loss of jobs in the bloc’s biggest economy. “A rapid gas embargo would lead to production losses, … Read more

Western exodus could cost Moscow 200,000 jobs, mayor says

The city’s mayor, Sergey Sobianine, said in a blog post on Monday that 200,000 people were at risk of losing their jobs. Authorities were setting aside 3.36 billion rubles ($41 million) to support them, he added. Dozens of Western companies left Russia or suspended operations in the country after President Vladimir Putin ordered the invasion … Read more

Global coffee bean shortages and rising fuel prices are hitting cafes hard, with price spikes here to stay

How much are you willing to pay for a cup of coffee? Key points: Cafe owners pass on rising coffee prices to consumers Input costs are rising due to high oil prices and low grain supplies Staffing shortages add to the pressures facing businesses Economist warns pressures won’t ease until next RBA interest rate hike … Read more

How to See Through Inflation Prices

Photo: SERSOLL (Shutterstock) There are probably some goods or services that you have been buying regularly for years or even decades. And over time you probably familiarize yourself with the cost of these things and, in turn, whether something is cheap, overpriced, or looks okay. But lately, especially since the annual inflation rate hit a … Read more

Equity week ahead: The biggest risk to the global economy that no one is talking about

Analysts are sounding the alarm, but say investors are misjudging the severity of the global economic fallout from these extended isolation orders. “Global markets may still underestimate the impact as much of the attention remains focused on the Russia-Ukraine conflict and U.S. Federal Reserve rate hikes,” wrote Lu Ting, chief economist at Nomura for China … Read more

Low-income buyers are shut out of the new-vehicle market

DETROIT (AP) — Two years after the pandemic tore through the economy, the U.S. auto market looks like this: Prices have risen dramatically. The supply is drastically reduced. And gasoline is much more expensive. The result? A growing disparity between the wealthiest buyers and everyone else. Wealthier buyers continue to shell out big bucks for … Read more

California economy did not lose to Texas in 2021

OPINION AND COMMENT Editorials and other opinion content provide insights into issues important to our community and are independent of the work of our newsroom reporters. Kelly Soderlund, right, works with a colleague at the TripActions office in San Francisco, Friday, Aug. 27, 2021. The shift to a hybrid work model is ideal for people … Read more

Why are retirees returning to work?

(NewsNation) — As U.S. inflation hits its highest level in 40 years, thousands of retirees are heading back to work to get by. Tina Caston is one of them. The 67-year-old worked as an operations officer in the US Navy for more than 20 years and believed she was on track to retire comfortably. Then … Read more