EU Agrees on MiCa Laws to Rule Cryptocurrency’s ‘Wild West’

MiCA was first proposed in September 2020 by the European Commission.Image: Christophe Furlong (Getty Images) The European Union plans temper the cryptocurrency volatility with a regulatory framework who would establish consumer protection against crypto scams and requires crypto companies to disclose their environmental impact. Discussions within the European Union have identified the need to regulate … Read more

What you should do now to prepare for a recession

Photo: (Shutterstock) Not to be too alarmist, but the economy isn’t very good right now. To start, don’t look at your 401(k) at present. Of stock market crash at soaring consumer prices, a recession seems to be looming. Although the news is troubling, there are steps you can take to avoid panic and protect … Read more

Sri Lanka’s real inflation at 74% in April says Prof Steve Hanke – Reuters

Sri Lanka’s headline inflation, as measured by the Hanke’s Annual Inflation Index, reached a staggering 74% in the year to April 15, 2022, prices from energy to commodities basis to discretionary items that were rocked last month by the Rupee’s botched float. Professor Steve Hanke, an economist at John Hopkins, a private research university in … Read more

How to See Through Inflation Prices

Photo: SERSOLL (Shutterstock) There are probably some goods or services that you have been buying regularly for years or even decades. And over time you probably familiarize yourself with the cost of these things and, in turn, whether something is cheap, overpriced, or looks okay. But lately, especially since the annual inflation rate hit a … Read more

Recession ‘likeliest outcome’ for US economy, says Larry Summers

Former Treasury Secretary Larry Summers, whose non-consensus views on the risks of lingering inflation have come to fruition, reiterates his worries about a potential US slowdown: He now says a recession is “the likeliest thing “in part because the Federal Reserve “is going to have to continue [in its effort to subdue inflation] until we … Read more