Doctor Who Legend of the Sea Devils Review: Low Tide

The beginning of the end for the 13th Doctor is an uninspiring beginning.Picture: BBC Doctor Whohas had a bit of event burnout lately, thanks to a more dictated schedule by the chaos of last two years than this onehis own particular will. Between Flow and special episodes close time by jodie whittaker as a doctor, … Read more

Jensen Ackles teases ‘unexpected’ twists

Picture: The CW Not so long ago Supernatural ended its ridiculously long tenure on the CW, and it didn’t take long for the network to green light for a prequel focused on Sam and Dean’s monster-hunting parents. The Winchesters intends to travel back in time and focus on the tumultuous lives of John and Mary … Read more

Legend of the Sea Devils

Sea devils, ho!Picture: BBC Ahoy, buddy! Doctor Who is backthough just for one night only, because the The beginning of the end for the 13th doctor started with “Legend of the Sea Devils”. A classic monster, ancient pirates and high seas adventures awaited you, but what is you think? ‘Legend of the Sea Devils’ marks … Read more

Paramount+ Randomly Disappears From Iconic Deep Space Nine Episode

Each series. Every episode. Occasionally.Picture: Primordial As Paramount seeks to solidify its streaming servicewhat was once wide access to beloved franchises like star trek slowly but surely got tighter – until a future where Paramount+ will be the only option for to access hiking new or old. Which makes it a problem when an episode … Read more