Texting costs Eve Barlow kicked out of Amber Heard-Johnny Depp lawsuit

BBritish music journalist Eve Barlow, a close friend of Amber Heard, has been kicked out of the libel suit against Johnny Depp. His journalistic instincts kicked in According to testimony from some of the people with access to the hearing where a lawsuit that could see the actor pay $50 million for defamation is being … Read more

Amber Heard plays mind games with Johnny Depp by mirroring his outfits at trial

EWith each passing day, we get new proof that Amber Heard’s obsession with Johnny Depp has pathological tendencies. From the moment the two met while auditioning for the movie “Rum Diaries,” she set out to build a career in film, but still driven by her obsession with Depp. Things reached a tipping point when the … Read more

A deep dive into Johnny Depp’s struggles with drug addiction

SSubstance abuse is scary enough when you’re a regular citizen, but trying to deal with it as a celebrity has got to be one of the toughest businesses you can get into. by Johnny Depp The history of substances is long and has an origin that we may never know. However, we can easily identify … Read more