High prices are here to stay

Inflation is pushing prices higher and higher, and some of those costs may never return to the levels Americans were used to before the pandemic. The big picture: The inflationary moment we find ourselves in now will not last forever. But the good old days of cheap products, and even cheaper services, may be long … Read more

Explained: Why Indian markets crashed and what’s likely to happen next

The Sensex reference to BSE Suddenly falls of 1,280 points or 2.2% in the first hours of trading on Monday, under pressure from lingering global inflation concerns, expectations of an acceleration in the pace of rate hikes by the US Federal Reserve and worries regarding the weakness of the Chinese economy, alongside the rise of … Read more

A common trend of brand price inflation

(journalist) – No one needs a headline to know that prices are up. This is evident with just about anything price tags and supply chains, including the ready-to-drink iced tea market. While prices for other major products in the beverage department are up across the board, for Los Angeles Times, there is one notable exception: … Read more

Global coffee bean shortages and rising fuel prices are hitting cafes hard, with price spikes here to stay

How much are you willing to pay for a cup of coffee? Key points: Cafe owners pass on rising coffee prices to consumers Input costs are rising due to high oil prices and low grain supplies Staffing shortages add to the pressures facing businesses Economist warns pressures won’t ease until next RBA interest rate hike … Read more

How to See Through Inflation Prices

Photo: SERSOLL (Shutterstock) There are probably some goods or services that you have been buying regularly for years or even decades. And over time you probably familiarize yourself with the cost of these things and, in turn, whether something is cheap, overpriced, or looks okay. But lately, especially since the annual inflation rate hit a … Read more

Recession fears are everywhere – except in the White House

With prices soaring, labor shortages, the raging war in Ukraine, tight supply chains and interest rates now set to rise, fears of an impending recession are everywhere. Except, of course, at the White House – which is in total denial. Just like it was about inflation. “The ‘inflation shock’ is getting worse, the ‘rate shock’ … Read more

Five grocery items with big price jumps amid high inflation

Concerns about skyrocketing gas prices in the United States have been a major concern for Americans this year, but high inflation has also led to soaring grocery prices. The consumer price index (CPI) has risen 8.5% over the past 12 months, with the United States Department of Agriculture (USDA) recording strong increases in everything from … Read more

Amazon adds a ‘fuel and inflation surcharge’

Last Wednesday, Amazon announced that for the first time in company history, it would charge sellers a “5% fuel and inflation surcharge.” According to CNN Business, the new fees are imposed because “inflation has worsened significantly in recent months.” In a company-wide memo, Amazon said: “In 2022, we expected to be back to normal with … Read more

US industrial production up sharply in March

Numbers: Industrial production jumped 0.9% in March, the Federal Reserve reported on Friday. The gain was well above Wall Street expectations of a 0.4% gain, according to a Wall Street Journal survey. Additionally, February’s gain has been revised up to 0.9% from the initial estimate of a 0.5% increase. For the first quarter as a … Read more