Phoebe Robinson’s ‘Everything’s Trash’ TV Series Comes at the Right Time

On a day like today, in the middle of a month like this month, in a year like this year, we could use a show called Everything is trash. All is trash, thanks to the Supreme Court and many other injustices that cross our world. At least Phoebe Robinson is here to make us laugh … Read more

‘Roar’ star Merritt Wever really enjoyed having sex with a duck

On the iPhone, there’s an autocorrect feature that tends to turn a certain word into “duck.” Many, if not all of us, have been faced with this dilemma: “I’m so angry DUCKING”, is sent while pressing the delete button furiously to replace the capital D with an F. This little problem has now inspired an … Read more

‘Roar’ Features Nicole Kidman Eating Photographs But Falls Short

What if Merritt Wever had slept with an anthropomorphic duck? What if Betty Gilpin was a real Barbie doll? What if Nicole Kidman had swallowed photos? What if Cynthia Erivo was slowly being eaten alive? What if Alison Brie was a mystery-solving ghost? Apple TV+’s new anthology series Roar, which debuts today, takes on the … Read more

Netflix’s ‘Anatomy of a Scandal’ is an absurd #MeToo tale

With big little lies, The defeat and Nine perfect strangers, David E. Kelley has become the maestro of luscious pots coated in a sheen of prestige, and he once again puts his melodramatic skills to good use with Anatomy of a Scandal. Adapted from Sarah Vaughan’s bestseller, the six-part Netflix series is a legal thriller … Read more