Hikaru Utada sang the iconic Kingdom Hearts themes at Coachella

Talented, brilliant, incredible, amazing, stunning show, spectacular!Photo: Coachella / Kevin Mazur (Getty Images) Coachella was in full swing this weekend and while people were worshiping Harry Styles and finding out what Danny Elfman actually looks likeHikaru Utada graced the stage and performed a few certified Kingdom Hearts firecrackers. Utada, which is intrinsically linked to Kingdom … Read more

Epik High’s Tablo on the band’s longevity and storytelling

Tablo by Epik High Photo: BEAR Co, Chart: Natalie Peeples Tablo is a writer and lyricist, and it often feels like the music comes out of him as naturally as the breath. But the lifelong musician says it’s not an innate talent, but rather one he’s diligently honed, a craft meticulously watered and cultivated from … Read more