Travis Scott performs a surprise set at the Coachella after-party

Despite being pulled from the Coachella lineup, Travis Scott has managed to make it to the desert.

Last December, the rapper was removed from his duties as the festival’s headliner after a murderous mob killed 10 people and injured dozens more at Astroworld. Since then, Scott has remained rather calm. However, TMZ is now reporting that he appeared near the polo field at Bootsy Bellows’ Coachella after-party in nearby La Quinta.

According to the outlet, Scott did a relatively low-key set around 3 a.m. Sunday morning, performing five of his biggest hits and taking over the DJ decks. A source also told TMZ that “people were super excited” to see him play the after party and “everyone was dancing and singing along.”

However, the surprise performance will probably come closest to Coachella, given that Kanye West – who previously said he would bring Scott as a special guest during his set – dropped out of the festival a few weeks ago.

Last month, Scott performed a similar set at a small house party ahead of the Oscars, which was his first time performing since the Astroworld tragedy. Other than that, it’s continued to stay under the radar, with the exception of four billboards seemingly related to the release of a new album, which recently popped up on the I-10 freeway near the Coachella festival site and read “Psst. Looking for Utopia? Wrong way!”

Read the original TMZ report here.

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