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1970s Tucson band Chuck Wagon and the Wheels have been removed from the lineup of Saturday’s ‘The Whole Enchilada’ benefit concert after anti-Semitic comments and writings by frontman Chuck Maultsby caught the attention of fans. organizers.

Organizer Rich Hopkins informed Maultsby by email on Thursday April 14 – Maultsby has no phone – that he was not going to be allowed to perform at the concert celebrating desert rock bands from Tucson from the late 1970s to the early 1990s.

“I had no idea Chuck did what he did,” Hopkins said.

Maultsby in an email to the Star on Friday said he was not surprised “to be canceled from a Congressional show, but why so little notice?”

The story of Maultsby’s anti-Semitic writings was first reported on Thursday, April 14 by the Tucson Sentinel, which had reported on the issue as early as 2017, according to editor Dylan Smith. In his Thursday story, Smith said Maultsby wrote more than 250 long pages on his website espousing anti-Semitic views and conspiracies regarding 9/11, the pandemic, the Holocaust and so-called false flag operations by Americans inside the United States, including the bombing of Pearl Harbor.

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In his email to the Star, Maultsby said he stands by those writings and beliefs which include blaming Jewish members at the highest levels of the CDC for orchestrating what he called “terror covid”.

Maultsby’s website also contains a link to his 2012 book “Who Should Make History: The Truth About 9/11,” which was banned from Amazon. In the book, Maultsby claimed that the terrorist attacks on the World Trade Center and the Pentagon were carried out by Jewish agents in America.

“He believes in it unfortunately,” said David Slutes, the Congress Hotel’s entertainment manager who booked Maultsby’s band for Saturday’s gig, which includes performances by a number of desert rock bands from Tucson. β€œIt’s not something we want to be associated with. It overshadows a cool event and a cool thing.

Chuck Wagon and the Wheels has a number of out-of-town gigs in Amado, Tubac and Three Points this spring and early summer that Maultsby said were still going.

Saturday’s concert at the Congress Hotel, 311 E. Congress St., celebrates the release of Hopkins’ book and album project “The Whole Enchilada: The History of Desert Rock, Tucson, Arizona, 1978-1994.” The book features 28 Tucson bands and includes a collection of three 31-song albums by several of these bands.

Hopkins said they won’t replace Chuck Wagon and the Wheels in Saturday’s lineup, which includes Howe Gelb and Giant Sand, Hopkins and Slutes’ Band Sidewinders, River Roses, Caitlin von Schmidt, Fish Karma, Naked Prey, Gila Bend, Billy Sedlmayr and Wayback. Machine.

The all-ages concert begins at 4 p.m. on the Square Stage and tickets are $20 at the door, with proceeds from ticket and book sales benefiting the Casa Maria soup kitchen.

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