Viola Davis’ Michelle Obama look is mocked online after premieres of new Showtime series

Former First Lady Michelle Obama’s long-awaited Viola Davis portal. Some didn’t think Davis could play the role because some think the two don’t look alike. But after photos of the new Showtime project surface, that chatter fades away. The series, which premiered on Sunday, April 17, is seen by millions of people. And while no one is complaining about Davis’ known stellar acting skills, it’s a facial feature that’s setting social media ablaze.

The series The first lady chronicles Michelle’s dedication and hard work behind the scenes as her husband Barack became the first black president in United States history. The ridiculousness is due to an apparent character choice by Davis, with many wondering why Davis purses her lips multiple times in the first episode. Michelle is known for this, but some find Davis overdoes it.

Either way, Davis expressed how seriously she takes this specific project. She said: “You don’t want to insult them with your portrayal… As much as we feel like we know Michelle Obama – and I’ve done everything I can to research – there are those private moments where there’s some level of creative decision-making that you have to make… There’s little minutiae that I can just take creative license with and hope I don’t insult him with it. browsing as an artist. Michelle also gave her approval. But few social media users are satisfied.

What would Michelle do?

Michelle gave Davis her stamp of approval on the project. Many are waiting to see what his final thoughts have been since the series began airing.

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Davis or Stevie J?

One user compared Viola’s impersonation to that of Love and hip-hop: Atlanta star Stevie J. Stevie is infamous for doing his infamous “rat face.”

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spread it

With so many complaints David has received, you’d think she pursed her lips in every scene. But this user says she’s done it too often.

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Hoping it’s only in one episode

A Twitter user just doesn’t want to see pursed lips every episode. Davis is clearly one of the best players in the method.

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She nailed

While others are complaining, this Twitter user praises Davis for picking up on Michelle’s characteristics. They congratulated Dvis.

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To overdo

A Twitter user does not deny that Michelle did not purse her lips. Instead, they think Davis is overdoing it.


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