Watch Danny Elfman Perform Oingo Boingo, Simpson’s, ‘Nightmare Before Christmas’ and More at Coachella

Danny Elfman played Coachella on Saturday night, which was his first rock concert in 27 years. From his group Oingo Boingo broke up, Elfman became one of the world’s most famous film/TV composers (he was off to a good start while the band was still on the way), so for his set he released a hybrid that mixed Boingo and some solo songs with some of his most famous themes. To do this, he assembled a group that included guitarists Wes Borland and Nili Brochdrummer Josh Freesebass player Stu Brooksand a full orchestra and choir conducted by Oingo Boingo’s Steve Bartec who also played guitar on some of the band’s classics.

On the Oingo Boingo front, Danny’s set included “Insects” (which he reinvented for his 2021 solo album big mess), “Nothing to Fear”, “Just Another Day”, “Insanity”, “Only a Lad”, “Dead Man’s Party”, and “Who Do You Want to Be?” which closed out his Coachella set. He and the orchestra also performed a medley of The Nightmare Before Christmas songs, themes Batman, Spidermanand The simpsonsas well as compositions by Edward Scissorhands, Pee-wee’s Big Adventure, Alice in Wonderland and more. Check out the full setlist below.

You can currently watch Danny Elfman’s full set on the Coachella Channel 2 live stream if you scroll down and watch more highlights below.

SETLIST: Danny Elfman @ Coachella 04/16/2022
Insects (Oingo Boingo)
Spider-Man main title
Nothing to fear (but to fear each other) (Oingo Boingo)
Just Another Day (Oingo Boingo)
Jack’s Lament / It’s Halloween / What is it? (Excerpt from The Nightmare Before Christmas)
Breakfast Machine (from Pee-wee’s Big Adventure)
Hit me
Madness (Oingo Boingo)
The Batman theme
The Simpsons main title theme
Only a Boy (Oingo Boingo)
Love in the time of COVID
Ice Dance / The Grand Finale (from Edward Scissorhands)
Dead Man’s Day (Oingo Boingo)
Alice’s Theme (from Alice in Wonderland)
Who do you want to be (Oingo Boingo)

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