‘Younger’: Why Zane Left – Charles Michael Davis Leaves in Season 7

When Younger ended its seven-season run at the height of the pandemic, it was forced to do so without two of Empirical’s key players (or was it Millennials?).

Charles Michael Davis (Zane) and Miriam Shor (Diana) weren’t able to appear as series regulars in the Darren Star comedy’s last hurrah, negating any storyline the series had planned for their characters.

Diana was a little easier to write; having just married, she deserved a long honeymoon. But Zane? The previous finale ended with him finally getting serious with Hilary Duff’s Kelsey after years of playing games. Then, as Davis tells TVLine, “The pandemic came along and ruined another one of my television relationships.”

“We were all pretty saddened by that, but at the time, I just couldn’t go back and forth to do two shows at once,” says Davis, who was juggling the roles of both. Younger and NCIS: New Orleans.

Luckily, it doesn’t look like viewers missed out too much on that front. According to Davis, Zane and Kelsey were going to “just be a couple, not fight and let the other characters carry the drama”.

And where is the fun in that?

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